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Tuesday, 29 October 2013


For mothers day this year, me and my sister banded together and agreed to take our mum away for a little spa day for mothers day, but of course we didn't actually get around to finally going on our spa day until Monday. Because we all work and there was only three of us, it was incredibly tough finding deals for just three people that were affordable and on days we could all go. Finally we got around to booking up a day at Y Spa at Wyboston Lakes. The only deal we could find was for four people though so my aunt ended up coming along too.

I was mega exited because bar my one treatment at Ajala Spa earlier this year, I've never actually gone on a proper spa day. The Y Spa boasted two saunas, two steam rooms, mist and experience showers, a hydrotherapy pool, a frost/ice wall and even relaxation areas including two rooms designed specifically for naps which even had water beds! 

When we arrived, admittedly the buildings weren't that much to look at from the outside, but once we stepped inside we learned not to judge a book by it's cover. The whole atmosphere was tranquil and relaxed and we found everything easy and ready for us upon arrival. We were given wristbands which were linked to our cards, so that any extra drinks or snacks we wanted throughout the day were charged to our cards without us having to carry any money around, and these wristbands also doubled up as locks to our lockers. We simply just swiped them at a sensor. A robe and slippers were already waiting in our lockers and the changing rooms were really beautiful. There were little stations with huge mirrors, hair dryers, tissue and magnifying mirrors which were perfect for drying your hair and reapplying make up at the end of the day, and there were heaps of fluffy towels on every surface.

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The reception area
The spa had a lot to offer which meant we were able to flutter from room to room without getting bored. A lot of the rooms led onto each other quite naturally; for example there was a sauna right across from a hot shower, mildly warm mist shower and, behind that, an ice room with an ice wall inside. The outdoor pool was easily accessible without actually having to go outside; you simply opened the door and stepped down, submerging into the water with each step. The pool was lovely; it had a bubble bed and these strong jets that when you stood beneath them, felt like you were having a massage! It was a lovely little area too with a large seating area situated around the fireplace and, at the opposite end, the hottest sauna inside a log cabin. It would have been lovely all lit up once it was dark outside. Despite the cold weather, the pool was warm enough to chill out in as it was just at the right temperature.

Image taken from
Our favourite rooms were definitely the steam rooms. The 'steamy' steam room was lovely and relaxing; it was steamy and warm but not too warm and it also had colour change lighting. The salt steam room was without a doubt the best; you pressed a little button for the soft salt steam jets from the ceiling to come on and then afterwards, the hot steam came out and helped settle the salt water into your skin. It left our skin feeling super soft and the room itself smelt amazing.

I also loved the relaxation rooms. We didn't have the chance to try out the water beds or nap room as they were full up, but we did kill an hour or so in the time out area. There was a warm fire in here and lots of pod seats which look really uncomfortable but were actually really snuggly! 

I really loved the variety and swapping from the hot steam rooms to the cold showers then back into the warm pool and vice versa. One lady in the sauna was talking about how her friend came and it snowed which made it really relaxing when they were in the pool and I think this is the type of spa that would really thrive in winter months too. The outdoor area is very much themed around a relaxed and cosy evening I think, with a seating area around a huge log fire and the sauna cabin which had a big glass window overlooking the pool and garden area. The photos on the website of the pool being used at night look amazing with it all lit up.

I was in two minds about the food. We had a two course buffet and although there wasn't much to choose from, the choice that we did have was admittedly DELICIOUS. We stuffed our faces in a large room with a beautiful view overlooking the lake, although I'd say the staff in here were not that great. When we were sat down we weren't aware that it was a buffet and that we'd have to get up and collect our own food and no one took the time to explain this to us. Our dirty plates piled up and were not cleared away either, which meant between the four of us going up and getting a new plate each time, there was little room left on the table. The food was delicious though, especially the salad.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog:  My review of Y Spa, Wyboston Lakes; yspa; wyboston lakes; spa;
A healthy lunch which was yummy too!
Overall, I really enjoyed myself and ended up feeling so relaxed that I fell asleep on the way home! The spa was just the right size and I loved how easy it was to create your own little pattern of moving from room to room - there was such a variety! I also loved how there were rooms specifically for naps which were without a doubt needed. I would definitely go back but I'd love to return in December as I'm very intrigued to see what it's like at Christmas. I'd especially love to experience the steamy hydrotherapy pool at Christmas with the hot sauna and crackling fire!

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