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Friday, 18 October 2013


Anyone who knows me won't be surprised to read that my dream holiday destination is America. I blog about it, I read books based around road trips, I lust after American rock stars, I dream about the place..hell, if I wasn't so obsessed with tea, I'd be 99.9% sure that I was actually American and not English!

I love everything about America. I love how on one side of the USA you could spend your days chilling in California, soaking up the sunshine, or on the other side you could spend your nights partying in NYC, indulging in the culture. America has so much variety to offer, from things to do to great music, awesome sights and some scrumptious food. I love that, as a whole, America is filled up with all these different states that offer their own little things to the USA; whether that be the culture or food they're known for, or even just their traditions.

My ultimate dream holiday destination would be to visit America and go on a road trip across all the different states - cross country. Just me, four wheels and some close friends so that we can create amazing memories together and just get stuck in.

It has been my dream for many years now, and I'm not even entirely sure why. I'm just obsessed with the place. When I close my eyes and imagine my all American road trip, I think about driving through a desert, windows down, music loud and laughing my head off with my best friends. I imagine crowding into a run down dive bar with nothing but good company, classic drinks and an old jukebox. I think about taking loads of pictures and movies of me and my friends just messing around. I imagine stopping at all the really quirky and weird road stops that places are known for. I want to talk to the locals, hearing stories about their home and where they think we should go that would accurately represent where they live. 

Finally, where would I actually go? Well that's a tough one, because I want to visit so many different places, but I'm also open to suggestions. Generally I want to do a coast to coast trip, so the places that I'd definitely visit include..

Arizona, San Francisco, Vegas, New Orleans & New York - images taken from Google!

So what's stopping me? I'd hoped to already be on this trip by now, really putting a lot of thought into it last year and making plans. But lack of money (and a full time job!) has unfortunately put this idea on the back burner for now. Still, I suppose there's still hope for 2014...and it would mean a lot for me to go on this trip because I feel like my life isn't really going anywhere right now, probably because I'm not very fussed about doing much with my life. I don't have the drive to find a proper job or move out or anything like that and I think that's because I've never really had a break! Lots of people travelled before they went to university and I didn't. I'm not sure what I want to do with my life right now but as cliche as it sounds, I think the opportunity to take a good few months off from 'my life' to just travel, make new memories, 'find myself' (corny I know!) and just not worry about my future would actually make a lot of difference. I think I'd come home determined to finally get on with things.

Off course, I DO know that I want to go into journalism, so although I feel travelling and taking some time out would give me the drive to put myself out there more on my return, it would be beneficial to win this competition and have the opportunity to do some travel journalism. What's even better, I love to take on my own experiences when it comes to writing, whether that's typing up a blog post about a dress that reminds me of an awesome night out with my friends, or even just suggesting a favourite restaurant and remembering the night I discovered it.  My favourite thing in the world is talking about my own experiences when it comes to writing, or at least drawing on my own experiences, and we all know that there's only so much you can recommend about a place without being there yourself. There's just something more personal about writing about somewhere when you've been there and discovered and explored the place. Even if you don't end up writing about your own experiences, your passion and love for the place and the memories you created will still shine through. I'd love to have the opportunity to not only travel and write about my travels, but to also create all the great memories that come along with it too.

Also, here's the thing, if I don't win a competiton to travel and blog about my experiences soon or I don't end up saving the money, I'm totally just gonna elope and become some rock bands merch girl instead...

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