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Sunday, 13 October 2013


I know, I know.

It's far too early to start talking about this, but if the shops can start getting ready for Christmas, then why can't I?!

I'm most definitely not one of those people who celebrate Christmas for just a week then go back to normal life. Come January 1st, I'm already looking forward to the next Christmas. Christmas is a week filled with so much celebration. There's yummy food, awesome seasonal movies on TV, lots of hot chocolate/Baileys/mulled wine/Snow balls and the house is always filled to the brim with decorations.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog: Christmas, decorations, John Lewis
Almost time to bring out the creepy decorations again...
What's not to love?

And even just being out and about when it's dark out, the feeling is still magical. I remember last year going to see Slava's Snowshow at Milton Keynes theatre. Afterwards, we walked around the craft Christmas fair they had on, then popped into John Lewis. A trip out to Milton Keynes to walk around John Lewis is a tradition every year for us because we always love to oogle at their beautiful decorations, and the store always goes all out for Christmas. Is it wrong that I love just going to different shops to see all their decorations without actually buying any? I think though that John Lewis wins in terms of being the most Christmassy shop every year.

I'm not quite sure what I want for Christmas this year, I haven't actually put together a wishlist. I actually got pretty much everything I wanted from last years list, bar the polaroid camera you attach to your phone, which was still being made. And John O'Callaghan. But I'm meeting him again next month and partying with him in the band, so I guess the wait was worth it :)

There. That's it. I promise I won't even mention the word Christmas again on this blog until December.

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