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Monday, 21 October 2013


I'm a huge horror movie fan - in fact, I'm a big film buff in general - so time after time again I find myself getting involved in the age old debate of whether original or remakes are better when it comes to movies. Many people will swear down that films shouldn't be touched at all and should be left alone - and I think this is true to a certain extent, some movies are just classics and should not ever be remade - whilst others prefer to see classic films modernized. 

Personally, I find it fascinating when old horror movies get rebooted - even if the remakes aren't very good, it's always really interesting to see the differences. A lot of old horror movies are outdated these days and even though those films were petrifying when they were first released, I think 'old' horror movies without a doubt offer their own kind of horror.

Movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Evil Dead are/were definitely scary, but I think they also held a certain humour to them as well, intentional or not. The gore never looked entirely real, at least not by today's standards, but if you were to look back and re-watch one of these films now, the amount of blood would still be probably shocking. It seems horror movies, no matter how old or new, will always continue to outdo each other with the gore. The only difference between more modern movies is that the blood is a bit darker and looks more realistic!

Whereas on the other hand, modern horror movies aim to be as dark and as scary as possible - all the humour is gone (unless the film is specifically in the horror/comedy genre) and it's a constant competition to be the most disturbing horror film, scarier then the last. The filming techniques are a lot different now too. There's much more CGI, and far much more blood. Slasher films are ever so popular and have even established themselves as their own genre of horror - these type of horror films are more gory and squeamish, as opposed to jumpy or scary.

On the right, Chloƫ Moretz as Carrie in the upcoming remake and on the left Sissy Spacek as Carrie in the 1976 original (those eyes!). One remake I am looking forward to seeing, and another rare old horror movie that focuses solely on disturbing the audience with little to no humour.
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However, I think one film that probably incorporates both the scares of modern films and humour of it's original would have to be Fright Night. This is one of the few horror films that kept the slapstick humour of its original and still managed to be scary and funny without being forced. Alternatively, The Thing is definitely a film that forgot the humour and went straight in for the scares, both in the original and the remake, which definitely has some awesome special effects.

And then we also have our fair share of remakes that shouldn't have been made. My Bloody Valentine for example, although I enjoyed it and loved perving on Jensen Ackles, I just felt it wasn't necessarily very scary and instead was just made to create as much gore as possible as it was in 3D. I haven't seen the original, but apparently the remake does not do it justice. Likewise, having seen the remake and not the original, I've heard The Fog offers little scares and no originality. Even the casting of hottie Tom Welling couldn't keep me amused long enough to get past 15 minutes of this film before switching it off. 

I wonder if adding cute guys to remakes is what ruins them...wait, I take that back, since the Evil Dead remake had the gorgeous Shiloh Fernandez as a lead and he's a model, and Evil Dead was one of the best horror movies of this year in my opinion!

So, for the most part, remakes aren't always that bad. Yes, we do kind of get a little offended and angry to hear some of our favourite classics are being remade, but often when we go into the cinema without trying to hate the film already, we find ourselves pleasantly surprised. Modern films may not offer as much humour and may instead have their own take on 'horror', but it's not all bad. Sometimes, it's just interesting to watch and compare the original and remake and enjoy them separately, rather then choosing between the two.

Still, as much as I love a horror remake as much as the next person, I'm still waiting for some brand new scares. Hollywood, you need to start bringing out some more original ideas soon please!

What do you think? What are your favourite - and worst - horror movie remakes? What films would you love to see remade? As much as I love the original, The Exorcist is very outdated now and I'd love to see just how scary and disturbing a remake of this classic could be! Let me know your thoughts with a comment below!

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