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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Ah, October, my favourite month of the year, excluding December obviously. Why is October my favourite month? Well because of Halloween of course! Even though every year I seem to be doing less and less for the holiday, constantly suggesting plans to my friends but never getting around to actually doing anything, it still doesn't stop my excitement. I love Halloween and quite frankly, I'm a little weirdo. I love ANYTHING to do with the supernatural, so October is definitely a favourite month of mine!

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 The TV Show 
All the best shows are returning this October, but I think the one worth mentioning the most, simply because it's the scariest which is ideal for Halloween, would be American Horror Story: Coven. Still just as popular as it was when it's first series launched back in 2011, this dark and disturbing show features a different 'mini series' each season, often using the same cast who take on new characters each time. The first series was American Horror Story: Murder House, the second was American Horror Story: Asylum and now season three is finally here. American Horror Story: Coven, will be about a group of witches in a Coven, but I have a feeling it's going to be just as dark and spooky as past series. There is also no way that it's simply just about 'witches in a coven'. There will be disturbing twists and lots of scary surprises. It also still, thankfully, casts the gorgeous Evan Peters. American Horror Story: Coven airs on 9th October.

Other series worth mentioning are The Walking Dead which returns on 13th October, and The Vampire Diaries will finally return the gorgeous Ian Somerhalder back to our screens on 3rd October.

 The book 
I know I've already blogged about this book, but it's just so great that I'm majorly exited for the rest of the public to get their hands on it. How to Love by Katie Cotugno is basically about this exhilarating, complicated, tragic and even sometimes romantic love story between two characters called Serena and Sawyer. The story is told by chapters alternating between 'before' and 'after' an event that changes their life's forever. I loved how Katie wrote two young characters going through so much at their age, and I do think this book, much like John Green's, is a little ahead of it's time in a really good way. How to Love will be released on 3rd October but you can pre order it on Amazon now.

 The film 
The remake of Carrie is set to be released on 18th October, just in time for Halloween. Originally Carrie is a horror movie released back in 1976, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. Looking back now, the original film wasn't that scary compared to film these days, although when I caught it on TV late one night, I have to admit, I did find it very disturbing. The remake looks to be just as dark though, and more scary! It stars ChloĆ« Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore and you can watch the trailer here. I'd also suggest checking out the original before you go to see this as well as it's always fun to see how the remakes compare to the originals. I often find that when it comes to horror movies, the remakes are definitely a lot more scary in a sort of 'in your face' way, but the originals are usually more creepy and disturbing in a subtle way. It's often hard to decide which is better!

 The album 
I can't actually pick just one but a whole bunch of my favourite rocker boys are releasing albums this October. First up we've got Panic! at The Disco's Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! being released on 8th October, and if the rest of the songs are anything like Miss Jackson and This Is Gospel, it's set to be a good one. It's definitely a long way from their I Write Sins Not Tragedies days, but they've definitely progressed into a more heavier, deeper sound. Perhaps this might have something to do with lead singer Brendon Urie's marriage to Sarah Orzechowski earlier this year - it's upsetting, I know, all the hot rock stars are getting married now :( The band streamed the album via YouTube on the 30th September, and you can listen to the stream here.

Although technically not an album, I'm so bloody glad that these boys are back so there's no way I'm going to miss it off my list - Fall Out Boy are releasing their PAX AM Days EP on 15th October. The EP will feature 'punk and hardcore influenced tracks' that were recorded on a two-day marathon session with producer Ryan Adams (yes, I totally stole that from Wikipedia #sorrynotsorry). I can't wait - I've had their latest album, Save Rock and Roll on repeat constantly since it's release. Although I feel like they've kind of tried to make a brand new start since getting back together and shedding anything to do with their old stuff, I am pleased that they seem to be going back into the direction of their more heavy rock stuff like what they began with. I hope PAX AM Days is like this too.

 Anything else? 
Yes! I think possibly, for the first time ever, the lovely Becky Bedbug has arranged a Bloggers' Halloween event! The event will take place in Aldershot and will include a meal at Nando's and then a Halloween party at a haunted Railway station. The party will include a disco, a karaoke contest 'followed by 90s jams', a fancy dress competition and finally, a stay at a travelodge hotel. How fun does that sound?! Tickets are either £10 for just the party or £20 for the party and hotel. There are no limits on tickets although obviously the hotel's availability might decrease quite quickly. Although personally I'm not sure if I'm going or not (I'd like to, but it depends on my own plans/funds/travel etc), I still think it's a really, really good and unique idea. I've not really heard of any specific Halloween themed blogger events before and it just sounds like a really fun meet up and lots of partying! 

*Image used above found via Tumblr & not copyright to me

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