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Thursday, 31 October 2013


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Halloween is a lot more than just dressing up, partying and watching scary movies. The internet is a very vast place which means you're always bound to find something deeply disturbing or intriguing if you look hard enough. I know I'm victim to spending many an hour reading feature after feature about ghosts stories, gnarly murders and everything and anything to do with the supernatural. I'm fascinated, but I also find a lot of people love to read about things that can't quite be explained or happenings that freak you out just a little!

So I thought I'd make a little post about some of the weirdest stuff I've stumbled across on the internet over the past year. Make yourself a cup of tea, get warm and spend a few hours browsing this stuff. Trust me, you'll be left feeling very intrigued and even a little disturbed...

Madness in the fast lane is a documentary that was broadcast on BBC One in 2010, telling the unexplained story of two events involving Swedish twin sisters, Sabina and Ursula. Without wanting to give too much away, the two sisters were found wandering the M6 motorway and, when approached by police, repeatedly ran into oncoming traffic despite being injured. At one point, Sabina screamed to her sister 'They're going to steal your organs' (in regards to the police). She later went on to commit a completely random act of manslaughter, though did not explain any of her actions. This bizarre documentary features footage of the two sisters found walking along the M6, and it's without a doubt worth watching as it also includes lots of other unexplained and really weird behaviour. Generally, it is thought that the sisters were mentally unstable, but I can't help but think of aliens because of what Sabina screamed about her organs being stolen! You can watch this on YouTube here.

Last year I found an article about all the creepy and funny stuff children come out with. For the most part, some if it is unintentionally hilarious, but a lot of it is very creepy and disturbing. You know how there's a theory that, just like pets/animals, children are a lot more sensitive to the supernatural? Well some of these quotes from kids only add to that theory. Some of the children talk seeing invisible 'people' in their rooms, and others talk about talking to relatives that died long before they were born, being able to describe these people exactly despite never having seen a photo of them. Some of the creepiest and most disturbing quotes come from the kids that can somehow recall how they died in a past life, or even how they picked who they wanted their parents to be before they were born! One quote that particularly chilled me to the bone was one child talking about how he remembered being in his mothers tummy twice. He said that the first time he was sick and 'they' took him away but promised he could return later, and the second time he stayed to later be born. It was then that the person posting this quote revealed that their mother had actually had a miscarriage, almost a year to the day before this boy was born. Freaky. Or. What. The article took quotes from this thread on Reddit.

Image found via Google
Everyone knows the story of The Amityville Horror, whether it's the horrific murders that took place in the house or the countless tales of the house being haunted. But what many people don't know is that the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (yep, they're real people!) actually visited the house to take part in a documentary investigating the horrors that took place there. The documentary is floating about somewhere on the internet, but the freakiest part was the so called ghost they caught on camera. Thought to be one of the most famous ghost photos of all time, to this day this photo remains a mystery. Ghost or not, you can't help but feel chills run up and down your spine when you view it.

Hands down one of my favourite documentaries of all time, Ghosts Of The Underground, is a real eye opener to what goes on beneath your feet in London. Considering how big the underground is, a lot of which is deserted, it's not surprising that some unpleasant stories have taken place in the dark, deserted tunnels. It's very interesting and you can watch it here, but don't watch if you found Creep scary!

And just in case you're a little too scared to sleep, check out this photo still from Three Men and a Baby - an actual ghost caught on film!...just kidding. This was actually debunked to be a cardboard cut out, but it's still fascinating to see how to this day it's still wildly believed to be a ghost. (Although, there are plenty of fascinating videos around the internet that have captured ghosts on film, so it's worth a look!). Just remember, not ALL ghost stories are true.  Most are, but some are just hoaxes that have gone a little too far...

...hopefully remembering this should ease your mind a little and help you sleep tonight ;)

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