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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


It's just over two weeks until Halloween now and I bet if you're big on Halloween like me but you don't have plans yet - you're probably panicking. The thing is, with Halloween, we've all fallen victim to getting well into the spirit then not actually doing anything about it. As soon as the 1st of October rolls around, we start making spooky plans, inviting friends along to various Facebook events and brainstorming awesome costume ideas. But come the week of the 28th we've got no outfit sorted and no plans whatsoever. More often then not, we end up going out at the last minute on the 31st with some feeble put together outfit (normally involving grabbing your old school uniform, adding some fake blood or possibly a different coloured wig) then spending more money then necessary to get into a club that's charging more than it normally does.

But, no more. America may do Halloween better then we ever do, but that's still no reason not to give up just because we're not young anymore. So we can't go trick or treating, but there's so many other things we can do that doesn't involve partying in overpriced clubs with just looking a little spookier or sluttier than we normally do on a night out.

And with two weeks to go, you've still got time to finalize plans and get them all booked up. Here are some ideas of what you can do to secure a somewhat decent Halloween for once, and none of these don't even involve dressing up (unless you want to of course).

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Or alternatively, you could, you know, epically fail like we did last year in our attempt to bake 'spider' cupcakes for Halloween...
 Fright Nights 
Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and even Chessington offer a great variation of Fright Nights this Halloween. Chessington is more family friendly and is holding these seasonal events during normal opening hours, so if you're looking to do something as a family then this is ideal. But if you're a bit of a thrill seeker and want to go on some scary rides in the dark AND visit different scary attractions, then Thorpe Park or Alton Towers is what you want. Thorpe Park is offering attractions based around some of the scariest movies of our time such as The Cabin in the Woods and The Blair Witch Project, whereas Alton Towers are holding scare mazes. Both theme parks are also offering after dark entries into the park, and if you're choosing to visit any of these Fright Nights then the key is to go in a big group and make a day of it.

 Fight Zombies 
I know zombies aren't just for Halloween, but the idea of fighting off the undead seems just that bit scarier when it's taking place on All Hallows' Eve. Luckily, zombies seem to be appearing in hordes all over the country, so no matter where you are you can find someway to take part. Have a look on Google for any events near you, but some of my favourite I've already mentioned here. The events look extremely realistic so what's better then getting into the Halloween spirit by literally fighting off zombies?!

 The London Dungeons/London Bridge Experience 
Both the London Dungeons AND the London Bridge Experience are having Halloween themed tours this year. Luckily, the London Dungeons have moved location and are no longer situated directly across the road from the London Bridge Experience, so I don't feel so awkward praising them both on my blog. I swear they're tour enemies. The London Dungeons have decked themselves out with some awesome Halloween decorations for October and have even introduced some new thrills, characters and twists to their usual tours just for Halloween. Whereas the London Dungeons is probably more family orientated, it seems the London Bridge Experience is determined to be so scary that they'll make you pee your pants. They've got two special Halloween events on this year, PHOBOPHOBIA which has already won the UK's scariest year round attraction, and the Halloween show, which is again more family friendly but still a little more spookier than their usual tour. If you're planning to attend PHOBOPHOBIA, I'd suggest going as a big group and having a couple of drinks first to calm your nerves.

 The Ghost Bus Tour 
Another London favourite, The Ghost Bus Tours, which is extremely freaky but hilarious in it's own right. They're not doing anything special for Halloween because it's scary enough as it is, and it's a great way to learn about London's spooky history and get a few scares in all whilst staying warm out of the rain. I'd recommend this event anyway, but I have a feeling it'll be especially fun on Halloween. Check out my review of my own experience on the bus last year by clicking here.

Finally, all of my suggestions above cost no more than £40 (although in terms of the themeparks that depends on what you want to do and what extra you're willing to pay for the attractions), but you don't have to spend tons of money to get into the Halloween spirit. If you do want to go out and do something, try ringing the attraction in advance and seeing if they offer discount if you turn up as a group (they usually do!)

Alternatively, you could just invite a bunch of friends over for a scary movie night and pig out with a huge pizza in front of the TV and a few drinks, or even go on a ghost hunt of your own by visiting some supposedly haunted places in your town (and every town has them, trust me, just google it). Just don't, whatever you do, leave it to the last minute!

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