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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


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Just another simple blog post today; some items I've really been lusting after lately but thus been unable to afford thanks to saving for the MAINBERLIN ROAD TRIP in November. More info to follow.

1) The Black Spot T-Shirt // £32.00 // Saint Kidd
I've wanted something from Dougie Poynter's clothing range for a long time now and not just because he's without a doubt my favourite British band boy. His clothing range has the blends fashionable and edgy perfectly without being too over the top either way. 
Buy it here!

2) Heart Knuckle Ring // £2.60 // Little Distractions
I adore this beautiful and simple ring, and I really love that it sits on your knuckle as opposed to where jewellery usually sits. Being a self confessed accessories addict myself, I've wanted a knuckle ring for a long time, just to mix my jewellery up a little. This deliciously romantic ring is the answer.

3. Rockateur // £23.50 // Benefit
Ahh, the effortlessly chic Benefit - who can honestly say that they dislike Benefit cosmetics? The packaging is always cute and quirky, their products are high quality and the brand simply is not scared of being bold and feminine, which I love. True, £23.50 is probably a bit pricey for a blusher but look how pretty it is! And with the upcoming winter months, we're all going to need as much help as we can get when it comes to bringing some colour to our pale, pale faces in the cold weather.

4. The Zombie Whisperer // £3.04 // written by Jesse Peterson
So I'm not so big on this cover which is a stark contrast to the funky eye-catching designs for the rest of the books in the series, and I did feel like the previous book was a suitable way to wish zombie slayers David & Sarah well on their journey, but I was still excited to discover a fourth book had been written. Married with Zombies was a favourite book trilogy of mine because it was so different and funny, and I'm eager to discover what happens next and how the whole storyline ties up.

5. Watercolour Crop Top // £15.79 // The Maine/8123
Oh I do love me some Maine merch. I spotted this and immediately thought how perfectly this would brighten up my otherwise mostly bland wardrobe which is 85% black in colour. I've complained many times in the past how much I hate band merch and how 8123 brings out some surprisingly stylish things, so as always I was pleasantly surprised with their latest batch of new stock. I figured this top would look nice in the summer or when working out, so I'm hoping to purchase this soon.

What do you think of my Wednesday Wishlist? What do you have your eye on at the moment? Let me know with a comment!


  1. Fab wishlist hun! Rockateur looks amazing! x

    1. Thank you! It does, doesn't it? Might have to treat myself to it this xmas :) xxx


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