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Thursday, 19 September 2013


It's not quite the weekend JUST yet, but we're getting there. It's almost the end of the week, yet somehow Friday seems so far away. If this week is just dragging for you, here's my own list of awesome things that have kept me amused this week. Basically, this is my post dedicated to things that I think rock this week!


I'll admit, it's been a while since I've listened to good old Panic! At The Disco, but after watching this video and hearing this song, I can't think why. It's deep, it's catchy and Brendon Urie is looking proper fit innit. Plus the video is pretty amazing and fits in perfectly with the undertones of the song.

I don't like cooking, but after discovering this show one night a few weeks ago (okay, so Mamaw recommended me to it), I've definnitely been getting more in touch with my housewife side. Bitchin Kitchin is my new favourite thing ever. It's quirky, it's edgy and the host, Nadia G, is just plain awesome. I want every single one of her oufits. It's a cooking show mixed with humour, and it's perfect for if you're a beginniner.

So you all know that me and my friends are choosing to embark on a week long road trip around the country in November, which I'll be blogging about nearer the time. As well as having people guest blogging for me whilst I'm away, I'm actually really excited about what this means for the blog. It's given me tons of ideas for content for you guys such as how we planned it all, a mini guide to each city, outfit posts and even exclusive interviews with the bands that we'll be seeing whilst on the tour. And for once, one of my crazy plans is actually going ahead. We've already booked 3/5 of the hotels that we'll be staying in for the trip, but one of the hotels we've not yet booked is for the Liverpool date because we're holding out to see if it's worth going all out for that one date and staying in the Signature Living hotel. Since we're budgeting for the whole trip and my birthday is the month after, we're considering just going all out and booking one of the party rooms. So for the past week I've done nothing but gaze longinly at the Signature Living hotel website, trying to work out which rooms/party apartments are affordable in our budget. Which is basically all of them. Some rooms offer hot tubs, jacuzzi baths and the general suround sound party system and are just pimped out and themed. The most expensive room offers it's own bar and dancefloor as well as a photobooth room. Needless to say, I'm already dreaming of bringing the band back and going all out and just partying in one of these awesome rooms...

...And I think that's just about it in regards to what I've been diggin' this week! If Friday is just too far away, cheer yourself up by listening to some of the awesome music I've suggested, or dream about partying in 'The Vault' (which trust me, isn't as expensive as you'd think!)

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