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Sunday, 22 September 2013


Welcome to another one off/rare 'Sunday catch up' post, all about my life at present. It's a Sunday evening and I've had a nice relaxing day with my family. It's cold outside but the heating is on and it feels just like winter.

I've had a lovely few days and lots of luck this week. I bagged myself a new job and finally got my tax return. I got a lot more back then I actually expected, but in all honesty, I can't tell you how relieved I am to have found another job. It's nothing partiuclarly exciting - it's telecomunications and will involve me calling up people and conducting surveys - but it's evening work and means that I can keep my job at Next for the menatime. This is kind of ideal for me because I'm not contracted for many hours at Next but some weeks I get offered tons of overtime. I feel like for the first time in ages I can actually relax and stop worrying about my current money situartion. Not only can I start driving lessons again now, but I can also start being wise and saving some money too. And of course with the added bonus of my tax rebate, I'm looking forward to treating myself just a little.

The best part of this week (excluding my news obviously) was going out for Mamaw's birthday yesterday. It's her birthday on Tuesday, but me and my sister took her out in Hitchin yesterday as a birthday treat. First of all, we went to this lovely cafe called Just Desserts, which, as the name suggests, only serves desserts. It's a really sweet idea and is actually hugely popular. I had a hot chocolate and 'The Banoffee' (last picture) which was so delicious. We then visited Pebble Sanctuary to get our nails done - we paid for Mum to have a pedicure and manicure, whilst we got just a manicure ourselves. It had really beautiful deco and there was so much choice in turns of nail colours - I opted for a simple French manicure, a classic favourite of mine which I simply cannot do myself, despite how many times I try. It was so lovely and in an area of Hitchin that we'd never actually visited before - it was a higher end part of Hitchin filled with loads of boutique bars and restaurants and really quriky shops. The ladies at Pebble were lovely too and we all left feeling really relaxed. Mum really enjoyed herself and it was lovely to spend some time just the three of us having a girly day.

Afterwards, me and my parents attended a wedding after party (or whatever they're called) since my mum made a beautiful cake for the bride. To be honest, it had been a really long day as I'd been up since 6am for the Next sale and had had very little sleep the night before, but I figured that I'd pop along for some free food and a few drinks courtesy of my dad. We only planned to stay for an hour but ended up having a great time, especially in the photo booth! And also, how amazing was the cake my mum made?!

Today I've just had a lazy Sunday reading really, enjoying my day off before starting my new job tomorrow. I'm actually in Next in the morning too, so working two jobs means it's going to be a long day, hence why I'm trying to enjoy my time off whilst I can!

So it's been a nice (albeit cold!) and lucky week so I thought I'd do a catch up post since I'll be working a lot from now on and won't have time for much of a social life! I know I have a lot of local followers (mostly on Twitter to be fair), so if you are local, I would definitely recommend a visit to Just Desserts or Pebbles. 

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend - leave me a comment with your plans as I'd love to know what everyone else has been up to :)


P.S Feel free to follow me on Instagram @Louise_Joy_ for more photos of what I get up to throughout the week!

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