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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Admittedly, it's taken me a while to get this post up. The reason being that these lovely lotions and potions are used for showers and I'm not really a lover of showers. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some dirty skank that never washes! Just anyone who I've ever lived with will tell you how much I prefer baths. I go all out. I bring books into the bathroom with me, I light candles, stick in some bubble bath and use every product I have. But with this oddly nice weather, I've barely had a chance to have a nice long soak in the bath, or I've barely even wanted to with it being so nice. Of course I've had showers instead but generally until I had one of my lovely long relaxing baths, I didn't have the chance to test out these products properly.

I was given these products to review in my goody bag which I received at the Beauty Blogger Tea Party. I was given Zesty Starfruit body scrub, Jasmine Indulgence shower gel, and Tangy Delight body cream.

Each item is the perfect combination for your day to day pampering session. The body scrub has been perfect for exfoliating my skin, removing any old skin and leaving my arms and legs feeling so soft and silky. It smells delicious and is the perfect texture - it's hard enough to reassure you that you're definitely cleaning your skin as well as you can but likewise it's not too tough on your skin.

The shower gel (which smells AMAZING by the way) is by far my favourite product, possibly just based on the smell alone. Whenever I use it I feel so refreshed and clean (ha). It's so relaxing too and really soft on my skin and gave me a real boost.

Finally, the body cream is perfect for after my shower and really helps lock in all the products I've already used. It's the final step to help keep my skin in top condition. It moisturises my body and by this point I smell so, so good!

I really love how the range is divided into different 'moments' and scents. The card I was given, which tells me more information about the product, says;

'Match your mood from four enticing and sensuous collections;

- Jasmine Indulgence - Cleansing Moments of Indulgence
- Tangy Delight - Uplifting Moments of Delight
- Blissful Blossoms - Tranquil Moments of Bliss
- Zesty Starfruit - Age-defying Moments of Zest

Blended from native Thai plants, herbs and flowers, each has been formulated to nourish the skin and naturally enhance well-being through their inherent aromatherapy properties.'

I definitely find the whole concept interesting, how each scent can provide you with a different mood. The tangy delight body cream and zesty starfruit  body scrub definitely left me feeling much more upbeat and uplifted, whereas the jasmine indulgence made me feel effortlessly relaxed and tranquil.

I was also given an Ajala Spa product - a mandarin and grapefruit massage oil which also smells amazing. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to review this yet as I'm not very good with massages and I'm still waiting for John Ohh to come give me one ;)

I feel very lucky to have received these products and they've definitely made my whole body feel smoother, cleaner and just generally in better condition. It was particularly nice using these products after my Hammam Ritual, and even weeks later my skin still feels much more amazing then it did before my massage!

Thank you SO much to Sranrom for the products, and also Aqua Pr and Ajala spa for the lovely event.

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