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Thursday, 8 August 2013


If you know me in person, or you've been observant enough on Twitter, then there's no doubt that you know how much I'm obsessed with zombies. Yes, okay, I'm a little bit of a weirdo. I'm a huge fan of zombie movies and I can honestly say hand on heart that if a zombie apocalypse were to happen, a small percentage of me would find it AWESOME. I'm even very, very, VERY slowly working on a zombie novel (it'll one day grace your eyes, I promise you, but I've been working on it for about two years now and have barely got past the fifth chapter). 

So it constantly baffles me and excites me that there are other people just as obsessed with zombies as me and there are even people out there (I call them 'my people') who have gone on to create zombie-like events around the country. So a zombie apocalypse may not actually happen anytime soon (I lie, I hope you all haven't forgotten about the drug that turned lots of people psycho in America last year and made them go bonkers and start eating everyone else's flesh...), but who's to say you can't have some zombie related fun in the meantime?

Inspired by the recent announcement that 2.8 hours later is finally set to return to London after four years, here is my little blog post basically saying how awesome it is as a giant hint to any of my friends that they MUST get me tickets for my birthday (even though the event takes place before my birthday but oh well)

Image taken from 2.8
2.8 hours later is an adrenaline filled experience that takes place in a major city (much like the film, 28 Days Later) and is about as realistic as you're going to get without the dead actually coming back to life. Basically you're given a map which will detail different locations you must attempt to get to within the city, each offering more clues to the next. It's like a giant treasure/manhunt, quite literally in that the zombies are hunting you. But there's no treasure at the end, except for an awesome Zombie Disco at the end if you survive. Thousands of 'zombies' will be continually out to get you and the game can last between an hour and a half and three hours. Plus I really love that on the 'How To Play' page, they find it necessary to add in a header which states, in huge letters, WE HAVE BEER. You're told not to drink during the game (as they state, drinking in a zombie apocalypse is a rubbish survival plan) but beer will await you if you survive. Too awesome.

2.8 hours later is taking place in Bristol, Edinburgh and London between September and November and you can find out more or buy tickets here.

Also worth a mention are Zed Events and The Last Survivors, both of which I'd also love to attend on my slightly odd zombie related activity bucket list.

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