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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I headed into town recently and couldn't deny myself a quick mooch in TK Maxx and Accessorize. I really love what I bought so thought I'd do a little shopping haul post!

First up, I bought these beautiful bracelets from Accessorize. I adore Accessorize, everything is so feminine and delicate. Plus, we all know the right accessories can transform any outfit. Of course I had to buy the bracelets with the little skulls on and had a little chat with the cashier about my love for all things skull related. She insisted that the new season of jewellery is going to be filled with skulls! I'm so glad, especially after I missed out on that other Accessorize skull bracelet that I was looking for, even after searching about five different shops!

Aren't they gorgeous? The turquoise and gold bracelet set was £4.00, and the friendship bracelet set was £8.00. I then also 'accidentally' ended up picking up this gorgeous skull necklace whilst I was in there today. To be fair it was only £6.00 so I've justified's so cute!

And finally I got this lovely grunge top from TK Maxx. It was a little pricey (for TK Maxx anyway) at £12.99 but I love it - it's got an all lace back and just reminds me of another 'New York City' top I almost bought earlier this year from Miss Selfridge which was about £35.00 if I still remember rightly soooo I guess that justifies it ;) I think it'll look great with my leather shorts. There was loads of nice stuff in TK Maxx as usual (somehow I found myself eyeing up a pair of red shorts!) and I had to talk myself into walking out to avoid buying anything else.

Have you bought anything nice lately? Are you a self confessed Accessorize addict like me? Let me know with a comment below!


  1. I love the cute little skulls :)
    I was just talking about TK Maxx saying how you can find some great unexpected things in there sometimes!

    1. Thank you! And I definitely agree, TK Maxx is always filled with hidden gems :) xx


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