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Sunday, 7 July 2013


Although I adore blogging and writing, what many people don't know is that I also have a huge interest in other sides of the media or anything 'creative'. In college I took a media production course which covered lots of different platforms in the media. I filmed a music video, directed a documentary, recorded a radio show, practised photography and learnt lots about editing. I really enjoyed being hands on and earlier this year I volunteered with a company called TV Bedfordshire, which is basically a local company that films and produces local content that goes up on their website. Next year, we'll also be applying for a Ofcom license which means hopefully our content will actually be seen on TV and not just online!

Anyway, to make a long story short, we cover all different local events and we were invited to cover AmpRocks which is part of Ampthill Festival, a boutique annual three day event that takes place in Ampthill. This year was the festivals fourth year running and hosted performances from The Hoosiers, Toploader and local band, Skies On Fire. We also managed to cover The Hoosiers meet and greet/signing which they held in a restaurant in the city centre.

You can find out a little more about TV Bedfordshire on their website here, and keep your eyes peeled for coverage from the event. At the event we had the chance to interview all three bands as well as excited members of the crowd. However, until then, I thought I'd do a little behind the scenes lifestyle post about the event. 

I got to meet The Hoosiers and Skies on Fire, and in between interviewing people and taking behind the scenes photo, got the opportunity to enjoy a really great event. It was a lot of fun and was even sold out! Me and one of the other crew members enjoyed mingling in the VIP area and getting the word out about TV Bedfordshire and we also had the opportunity to chill out on the VIP section of the bus. Yes, I said bus. The bar was a double decker bus and the top floor was part of the VIP section, which offered amazing views of the festival.

I had a great day ; the sun was shining bright, I got to do a lot of networking and be very hands on with the whole filming process and finally, because Toploader didn't allow anyone to film them, I was able to relax for the last couple of hours and just kick back and enjoy the festival with a nice cold beer and the rest of the crew.

For anyone that lives local, I would without a doubt recommend attending this festival next year! It had such a great atmosphere and the line up was amazing. And please, please check out TV Bedfordshire because we're trying to spread the word as much as possible so we can get our Ofcom license next year! We're always looking for contributors and if you want to see some footage from the festival and interviews (and laugh at my shoddy presenting skills!) then do check out the website as the footage will be up soon! Or just feel free to give us a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter ;)

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