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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


On Monday, I headed down for my free Hammam Ritual at Ajala Spa, another exclusive treat from the Beauty Bloggers Tea Party I attended. I'm not going to lie, having never been to a proper spa before for a proper treatment, I was extremely excited. The closest thing I've come to a 'spa' before is sneaking into a closed sauna after hours on holiday when I was a teenager. 

I was slightly apprehensive about my Hammam treatment, not really knowing what to expect. Google taught me that Hammam treatments are taken from Turkish hammam bath houses and utilise steam, mud, heat, aromatherapy and massage. My sister told me that they basically throw you around on a hot stone whilst spraying a hose at you, which is apparently what happened at her super traditional treatment when she was in Turkey. Lovely.

Once I'd decided what swimwear to wear (my skull bikini with it's bottoms a size too big that make me look like I have a saggy bum, or my skimpy Aztec print bikini which wasn't very 'safe' being that I'd lost the straps months ago and it was now strapless? So many choices...) I headed down to London. By the time I'd arrived, I was ready to relax after sitting on a hot stuffy train for so long.

I must have sounded like a div with my constant questions 'Where shall I leave my stuff?' 'Where's the loo?' 'I am supposed to be wearing a bikini, right?' but once I was offered a drink upon arrival and shown to the changing room, my mind immediately cleared. The spa it's self is beautiful and tranquil, relaxing you before you've even started a treatment.

The pool at Ajala Spa, image taken from google

I got changed into my bikini and extra fluffy robe and followed the lady performing the treatment down past the pool and into one the Hammam Ritual room. It was like a steam room with a big large marble slab in the middle (it was actually a lot comfier than it sounds!). The lights were dim and the atmosphere was relaxing with a really relaxing scent in the air.

I can't tell you exactly what happened - I was far too relaxed to pay attention to the random lotions and potions being used on my skin, but I can tell you that it all felt amazing. The whole thing varied from having oils massaged into my skin to cleanse it, scrubs applied to my body with a rough massaging mitt to really scrub off any dirt (this was oddly relaxing), and finally a mineral mud mask which, once washed off, was then replaced with a relaxing oil which left my skin feeling silky smooth, shiny and very, very clean. In between each lotion or scrub being applied with a beyond relaxing massage, I was sprayed with cold water to help wash it off. Being that I was in a steam room, it was incredibly refreshing and helped the treatment apply better.

The whole process was really relaxing, I left the treatment room feeling so laid back and the treatment really helped me unwind. It was definitely something so much more than your average massage with the cold water hose and the various products to applied my skin, but I felt that it benefited not only my state of mind and mood, but my body too because even two days later my skin feels amazing.

Afterwards I had use of the spa facilities too so I went for a dip in the pool and also relaxed in the hot tub/jacuzzi for a bit, which was amazing. It overlooked the pool and the water was actually hot and not just warm like some jacuzzi's are.

I was pleasantly surprised at just how amazing I felt afterwards. I left the spa feeling confident and very feminine, like I just wanted to put on my highest heels, backcomb my hair to fuck and go out on the pull. Is that a normal reaction for amazing massages and spa treatments? I don't know but I'm definitely already planning my next one...

What I wore in the day (not inside the spa obviously, but you get what I mean) - very Parisian chic!
Thank you SO much Ajala Spa for my beyond amazing treatment, not only do I still feel mega relaxed two days later but my silky skin has also given me a sexy confident boost and made me feel very feminine and flirty.

You can find out more about the different treatments offered at Ajala spa and book yourself in for a Hamamm ritual here!


  1. Wow look at that pool! All sounds lovely :)

  2. It sounds so lovely. I like your outfit too :)

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