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Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Recently I was given the opportunity to review Snaptee, a brand new mobile app that allows you to design and order your own custom t-shirt completely in app. Not only can you completely customize the design to how you want it but you can also 'sell' the design, allowing other people to purchase your t-shirt and earn you some money!

I was immediately intrigued - I've never really had the opportunity to customize my own t-shirt before and the fact that it can all be done quickly and easily through an app definitely got me interested. I thought perhaps if it was all done through an app then maybe I wouldn't have the chance to be as creative as I'd like - but I was wrong. If anything, you can be even more creative then I'd have imagined! You can grab photos directly from your photo album or Instagram and from there you can pick your design - choosing from a variety of different sizes, shapes, patterns and effects. You can even add text if you choose to.

Any thoughts I've had about customizing t-shirts before have gone out the window. I used to think that the process would be picking a random website online or going to see the bloke who has his own market stall, having the choice between either neon sparkly font or a standard box image photo and being disappointed with the quality of the print and the t-shirt. However, Snaptee has made it so easy and the process is completed within moments.

Designing my t-shirt was only half the battle (although that was hard enough, there were so many ideas to choose from!) and once I'd placed my order, I eagerly waited to see what would turn up at my door. I was a little worried at first because the image I used is tiny and has small text, so I did wonder if it would end up being blurry or unreadable on my shirt. My t-shirt arrived really quickly and I'm more then happy with it all! The design is clear and easy to read and the top is really good quality - it fits perfectly and is soft and comfy to wear.

Snaptee basically helped me feel like a fashion designer without any hassle. It actually all coincided with an idea I've had for ages about making t-shirts featuring lyrics from my favourite songs. I didn't think the idea would work really but using Snaptee has changed my mind. I found an image that included lyrics from a personal favourite song of mine and it looked really cool and not at all corny. I think, considering I looked into the copyright of it all, I'll hopefully be able to make loads more cool tops with my favourite lyrics by using Snaptee!

The only other thing I'd like to say is that I'd love to see Snaptee expanding the range in future and hopefully including other types of t-shirts! I think it would be a great idea to have the opportunity to add your designs to vest tops or something, although to be honest it's not hard to cut a standard t-shirt into a vest top anyway.

If you're a budding fashion designer, have ideas for some great t-shirt designs or even if you're just stick of whats in the stores at the moment, check out Snaptee for an easy, creative and affordable alternative option to designing your own t-shirts.

*Please note, this post contains a PR sample.


  1. hi! i love the shirt!
    I've been wanting to order from the app for a while now but i'm not sure what size to get because i don't want it to be too snugg or too baggy. i'm just wondering what size you ordered?
    i'm about 5'3 and 110 pounds so i'm kind of small.
    thank you! please let me know. it would help me so much!

    1. Hi Victoria,
      I'm a little taller then you and I ordered a medium and that fit just fine. It wasn't tight, but it wasn't too big either. I'd suggest ordering that size :)
      Thanks for the kind comment and for checking out the blog!

  2. yes but the option to sell your shirt is confusing to me since there is no tracking id ???
    did you sell any of your design or anyone you know???
    Snaptee is it a scam ????
    does anyone know anyone that made a sale??? and got paid for it ???

    1. Hello,
      I haven't made a sale but it's not a scam, I've purchased/designed more t-shirts since and it's all been fine :) x

    2. How do you know you didn't make a sale? What the other poster is wondering is if there is reliable verification system I place. Something that keeps the app from selling shirts with your design to others, and then not telling you about it or paying you your portion of the sale?


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