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Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Every fashion blogger needs at least one 'What I wore today' app or go-to website. Mine is Today I'm Wearing.

In terms of 'What I wore today' apps, I've tried them all. Although I like sticking to LookBook for uploading my looks in more detail or linking to the blog, I've been searching for a 'What I wore today' app for a while now. I've tried both Pose and What I Wore Today, and they were easy to use but for some reason I just prefer Today I'm Wearing.

First of all, I think perhaps I like the way you can upload full length photos, whereas on the other two apps the photographs have to be square. That's nice for when I want to put a few pictures into one, such as the outfit, my makeup and any accessories like I do on LookBook, but the reason I want to use an App for my looks is because I want it to be easy and on the go. Apps are specifically for saving time and making life easier, so creating a collage picture or editing photos together so that it fits into a square isn't something I want to do. I'd rather keep that for the website or my blog.

My favourite part of this app is how personalized it is. Obviously you can name the look and give it a description, but I absolutely adore the fact that you can note where you wore the outfit (gig, first date etc) and how you felt! I really love this personal touch and I think this reason is one of the biggest reasons for why this app stands out for me more.

It's really cute too with gorgeous colours and a simple and easy to use theme on both the website and app. It's very straight to the point - you literally aim your camera, snap the picture, type in any details and you're done.

I will say that I had a few problems to begin with, but I loved it so much that I stuck to it and all those issues seem to be resolved now. I had some trouble uploading photos and adding the descriptions as the upload would just dissapear and sometimes re-appear about ten or so minutes later. However it all seems to be fine now and I did message them direct - they explained to me that they have a very sensitive system that catches blacklisted and innapropiate words and sometimes normal words trigger it. It took me a good three or four days to actually upload my first look, but it just goes to show how determined I was to use this app because even after that I couldn't stand not being able to get it to work ha! Now it's all fine.

I think this is the ideal app for fashion bloggers on the go and is the perfect alternative to showing off your outfit quickly without the fuss of blogging it immediately!

You can also find the app absolutely free from the App Store and feel free to follow me @ riotgirl!

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