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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Although I'm not too keen on the giant raccoon eyes, I am head over heels in lust with everything else that rock chick Taylor Momsen has to offer. It's not to everyones taste, but there's just something about the smudged eyeliner, ripped and tatty t-shirt dresses and shredded tights that she manages to pull off perfectly. On most it would look like the slutty sign of a bad night - but on Miss Momsen it just screams a grungy can't-be-bothered persona whilst still looking effortlessly stylish. I love how her outfits are less than perfect - the distressed material and messy hair gives over to a much more realistic look which is more me than the classy that I often try to be. It suggests that she has had a good night or is having a good time whilst offering a giant fuck you to anyone who dare judge her.

Taylor Momsen can I just be you? Please?!
Images taken from Google & edited myself using PicFrame App

Plus, in a weird way, it's sexy. You show me any guy that isn't turned on or tempted by the image of a woman in hold ups, an oversized t-shirt or shredded tights that show just the right amount of skin. I really love how despite actually wearing next to nothing, she somehow manages to keep it dignified and showing less skin then your average lady on a night out. The studs, leather and lace are very rock chick but she never clashes them all together too much at once in one outfit. Less is more when it comes to this grunge look and if you can look like you've made little to no effort whilst still looking as hot as her, you know you've done it right.

The best part is, it's so easy to re-create these looks yourself. Everything she's wearing is bang on trend from checkered flannel shirts to leather leggings. It's all about picking one particular trend right now (or not!) and just working it with whatever you have in the back of your wardrobe. A lot of her looks incorporate staple pieces like a well fitting pair of denim shorts, a plain black pair of hold ups or just a leather jacket. Simple items like these can spruce up - or rather, in this case, 'rock up' (as I call it!) most outfits very easily with no effort at all. If the giant heels are too much, invest in a trusty pair of ladies military boots. They go with EVERYTHING. Except, y'know, really formal clothes like a wedding dress or when it's boiling hot outside and you're sunbathing. But generally, even a cute pair of black military boots or black converse trainers can add an edge to most formal outfits too if you're confident enough. I can't be the only one who wants to wear converse on my wedding day...

Totally girl crushing on this lady right now.
Images taken from Google & edited myself using PicFrame App

If I could pull this look off every day in England I would - but recently, discarding the terrible weather pointing to the fact that I'd probably get pneumonia, I've realized that quite frankly I, and anyone else, can pull off this look or any other one as we see fit. As I've began to experiment more with my own style and lean more towards leather hot pants, tatty wifebeater dresses and jeans so skinny that they'd rival a toothpick, I've realized there's nothing whatsoever to suggest I can't pull that particular look off. Just like channelling my inner boohoo child on a hot summers day with lots of bangles, a pair of sandals and a long flowing dress, it's not down to my looks, my style or even my size to suggest just how well I may or may not pull it off. It's my confidence. Don't get me wrong, I won't be squeezing into a tiny size 0 pair of hot pants anytime soon, just like I wouldn't choose to wear a dress that's far too big for me - there is a limit of course. But as long as I feel confident wearing something, then I sure as hell am pulling it off. Never in a million years would I have thought about wearing a pair of leather hot pants/shorts but had I left the house feeling unhappy and unconfident with how they sat on my curvy hips, people would notice. I wouldn't be pulling them off at all. But generally liking the way they looked on me and not giving a shit about what other people thought secured the success that was pulling off something I'd never have dared try in the past.

So if there's a look, style or even just a daring dress you want to try but don't think it's very 'you' - give it a go anyway. Experiment in the comfort of your own home. Work it with different accessories and make up styles until you're happy and never, ever hold back because of the fear of trying something new.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to take a pair of scissors to an old pair of tights (they were already ruined, I promise you, my nan informed me yesterday that I'd unknowingly had a big ladder in the back of them whilst wearing them in work all day) and distress them so it looks like I've fallen over a million times in them. Because by the end of my next night out wearing them, I probably would have anyway so why not work the look in my favour early ;)

Although I'll forgo the giant raccoon eyes and I'm not even going to attempt the gigantic heels she seems to wear, considering how clumsy I am that's just an accident waiting to happen...

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