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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Holiday at 'Home'

My sister lives in a beautiful village in the middle of Woburn, and her house is beyond cosy. Herself and her boyfriend recently got a gorgeous puppy too, who is currently only eight weeks old. So when they went on holiday last week, I of course couldn't wait to move in temporaily to house sit/dog sit. I couldn't wait really - I just wanted to spend the week relaxing and soaking up the sunshine, taking the puppy on long countryside walks and catching up on all the TV shows I'm behind on. So I packed the massive Supernatural seasons 1-5 box set (thanks again for lending me it Bex!), some clothes, my trusty converse trainers and moved in for the week.

Although in the end I really didn't do much apart from laze around and get really addicted to Snapchat (I did plan to go on a few runs but looking after the puppy was so much responsibility!), but it's a really lovely area that she lives in anyway so here are some photos from the week.

In the past, I've loved the idea of saving up enough money and move into my own place, but now I'm not so sure. Although I'm old enough to probably have my own place by now, this week taught me just how lonely it could get! Once I'd dropped the puppy back to Stuart's mums, I was by myself in the middle of nowhere and didn't know what to do with myself. Luckily a few friends came over on Friday so we went down to the local for food and karaoke. That was a pretty fun night and then, on Sunday, my parents took pity on me and drove out so we all went out for Sunday lunch. It was very nice though but of course I'm glad to be home.

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