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Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Hi, I'm Bex from Futures and I'm here today with a guest post for Louise all about making money from online surveys. I have been a participating member in a number of survey sites for over 2 years now and over that time must have earned around £400-£500 in cash or vouchers. Different sites offer different rewards so I am going to show you my top sites and tell you how you too can earn some money from them.

Pinecone : This is a very exclusive site and only sends out invites every now and then - however, when they are offering you £3 per survey which gets paid into your Paypal not long after, what's not to love? You don't necessarily pass the screening requirements for all of their surveys, however these are a nice little extra. PAYMENTS: Cash

Populus Live :  I never really took much notice of these until recently when I noticed people on the MSE forums talking about receiving their earnings from them. I had signed up right at the beginning of my survey adventures but had deemed the surveys too long for the cash out - you need £50 to withdraw. I decided to give them another go and cashed out on the £50 withdrawal within a matter of weeks- surveys range from £1-£4 and you do often find some of the same questions as the previous surveys but if you're willing to overlook this, this site can be a nice little earner! I am £3 away from cashing out again - already! PAYMENTS: Paypal, BACS

GlobalTestMarket : This site has recently changed - you used to be able to cash out at 1000 points for a $50 cheque which roughly works out at around £30. You still need 1000 points to cash out but there are lower rewards meaning you can take it in a Paypal payment and a voucher if you so wish. I haven't yet reached withdrawal since the change, however I have cashed out twice before and received my cheque swiftly. PAYMENTS: Paypal, Cheque, BACS, Voucher

Valued Opinions : I have probably cashed out the most from this and generally choose a Boots or Amazon voucher. Withdrawal limit is £10 and pretty easy to hit. PAYMENTS: Vouchers

OnePoll : I am yet to hit withdrawal on this site as I have only come to love it in recent months, however surveys are often and usually take a matter of minutes to complete. Payout threshold is £40 - I'm halfway there which isn't too bad! PAYMENTS: BACS, Paypal

Ipsos Access Panels : I have cashed out on this site numerous times in the past and it is only a £10 withdrawal limit. Surveys used to come thick and fast but have slowed down a little for me at the moment. PAYMENTS: Vouchers

The thing to remember when completing online surveys is to always be honest and to take your time. If the sites believe you to be dishonest or you are completing their surveys too quickly to be reading them properly, they reserve every right to deactivate your account. I like to put the money I earn into my savings and the vouchers I earn away for Christmas and birthdays - that way everyone benefits. If you want to be referred to any of these invites, leave your email in the comments and I shall send a referral link to you. There are also a number of various other survey sites available, you can find a list of them here. Also, don't forget to let the taxman know that you are earning money from surveys  - a few people have mentioned on the MSE forums that the taxman didn't seem too bothered as they were under the tax threshold - however, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Hope this helps!
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