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Friday, 17 May 2013


A few weeks ago I won Bonjour Luce's giveaway to win a personalized iPhone 4/5 or iPad case with Casetagram. I didn't expect to win because I rarely ever win anything, but surprisingly enough Luce contact me via Twitter not long afterwards to tell me I'd won! As soon as I recieved my code, I logged onto the website to design my case. 

Like Luce, I chose to use photos from my instagram because photos are always much more arty and better quality with instragram, but you have loads of options of what photos to use. You can upload them straight, or link your Facebook to use photos from there. The design page is very easy to use ; you can choose a variety of different patterns and designs and can be really creative. I took ages trying to decide what photos to use, there were so many I wanted to fit on there! In the end I managed to fit 19 photos on my case.

It arrived in beautiful packaging and I was more than pleased when I opened it all. The case is great quality, the photos are spot on and very clear too. The case fits perfectly and it's so nice to finally have an iPhone case! I think it's a great idea that Casetagram offer you the chance to design your own - what better way to show off all your favourite photos of your friends and family than on the back of your iPhone?

I chose just a few of my photos from the past year or so. It wasn't easy - there were so many different memories I wanted to display on the case! But generally I chose a mix of themed nights out, photos with my friends and family, a photo with Jasper, photos with some of my favourite bands, my favourite bands logo and a couple of travel photos too. I also chose a favourite quote of mine, which, even though is quite small, is still easy to read!

I also had a look through Casetagram's website and thought all the other designs they offer are very cute and stylish too. One of my favourite personalized designs was where you could arrange your photos into a heart shape across two cases - which is ideal for couples! It's all very cheap and affordable too which is great.


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