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Tuesday, 7 May 2013


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Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist has been a favourite movie of mine for a few years now and I don't think I'll ever grow tired of it. Although at first it looks like a typical rom-com movie, it's anything but. It's quirky and different and is one of those indie films that has an amazing soundtrack. It is based on the novel of the same name by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan (I'll be reviewing the book soon too so keep an eye out!)

The film follows two teenagers - Nick and Norah - over the course of a night where they are kind of forced together to find Norah's drunken best friend who had gone missing, and to find the secret venue where their favourite band will be playing. The night is an humourous adventure from start to finish as the two get to know each other better. Nick is dealing with an ex girlfriend who he can't get over, whereas Norah is stuck in a 'relationship' which isn't making her happy. It's obvious to everyone but them that each other is the answer ; but somehow the two of them can't see it.

I really loved that their characters didn't exactly click right away. In so many rom-coms we see couples clicking immediately and feeling that attraction when in reality this rarely ever happens - when you meet someone you end up liking, it doesn't always get off to a good start. I loved that this film was much more realistic. Nick is still getting over his ex so of course he doesn't fall for Norah right away and likewise she finds his inability to move on annoying.

In fact, together, the two are quite awkward which I absolutely loved. We rarely see this in films but it's so refreshing and realistic to see them both shy and awkward around each other. But it's adorable to watch - it isn't off putting or embarassing - it's sweet.

At first I found the character of Nick annoying in this way too, frustrated that he couldn't see how wrong his ex girlfriend was for him. I also felt his role had been done far too many times by Michael Cera and it wasn't anything new. However, Michael Cera did play the role well and by the end of the film, just like Nick finally managed to see what was right in front of him, I found myself loving the character by the end. I think again this was because it was so realistic ; as he tended to realize it was time to move on, his annoying puppy dog love for his ex faded - which was essentially annoying me about the character.

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The character of Nick's ex girlfriend, Tris, was very annoying, but obviously that was the whole point. The actress who played her, Alexis Dziena, played the role very well and I think even by the end of the film I felt sorry for her just a little. She clearly didn't know what she wanted - she didn't want Nick anymore, but she didn't want anyone else to have him either. 

The film very much felt like an adventure and I felt like I was along for the ride with the two characters too. We've all had never ending nights where we end up doing the most random things ; looking after our drunk best friend, desperate to see some good bands with some good company - I loved the whole premise of the film, as well as the messages behind it.

The film had an amazing soundtrack too - there was a real mix of indie, rock and upbeat music that reflected the characters perfectly. I also loved the characters of Nick's band (and Lethario!) who were hilarious - I'd do anything to have friends like that. They were great in that they kind of just took Norah under their wing and insisted on helping getting her and Nick together because they knew right away she was right for him.

I'd definitely recommend this film - its fun, lighthearted and has an awesome soundtrack so if anything, you'll definitely get into some new bands by watching this film. It's also fun to watch just to see Kat Dennings in such a different role compared to what she normally does. To most people this film would just be a rom-com, but for anyone who likes anything different it's definitely a quirky indie film worth a watch.

Finally, the film has some amazing quotes. Here are my favourites. 

Nick: You don't have to yell. It's not a train station. We're in a tiny car.

Thom: Would someone mind telling me where we're going?
Norah: You know how some people like to eat at the same places?
Nick: Yeah.
Norah: Well Caroline likes to barf in the same places.

Norah: Are you sad that we missed it?
Nick: We didn't miss it. This *is* it. 

Thom: You just haven't figured it out yet, have you?
Nick: What?
Thom: ...The big picture!
Nick: I guess not.
Thom: The Beatles.
Nick: What about them?
Thom: This. *He grabs Nick's hand* Look, other bands, they want to make it about sex or pain, but you know, The Beatles, they had it all figured out, okay? "I Want to Hold Your Hand." The first thing. It's effing brilliant, right?...That's what everybody wants, Nicky. They don't want a twenty-four-hour hump sesh, they don't want to be married to you for a hundred years. They just want to hold your hand.

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