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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mini Shopping Haul

So yesterday I had a little time spare between a job interview and work so I had a mooch in town. I ended up in TK Maxx which was a huge mistake being that I hadn't actually planned to buy anything. But as always, TX Maxx is stocking the most gorgeous edgy stuff so I couldn't resist buying these three tops. Also, I've been planning to start doing some shopping haul posts for ages now. I was going to do a video instead but my hair is looking bad today and I still haven't unpacked from my sisters house haha.

I love this black top because at the front it just looks basic but the back is completely lace. It's flirty and revealing without being too over the top and I love any tops that have an interesting back. I have a similar top in cream too and think this top would spruce up a simple outfit of just jeans and flats. 

I wasn't too sure about this top at first because it looked a bit short and my wardrobe doesn't tend to have much block colour. But once I tried it on it actually looked really nice and I thought it would be great to have some brighter coloured edgy/punk tops that aren't white or black! I can't help but think this would look amazing with a pair of skinny black jeans which is of course an excuse for me to finally purchase a pair from Topshop.

Finally I love this top because the anchor design is just too cute (but it's very scene, I know!). I like the little rhinestones on it and it's kind of short which means it'll be perfect for summer. I think it would look great with a pair of denim shorts and my converse or maybe some biker boots. It also reminds me so much of Dougie Poynter's clothing range, Saint Kidd, which I've yet been unable to afford anything from. This top can tide me over until I can!

Altogether these tops cost me less than £25 which is so cheap. I always love going into TK Maxx because they have a really cheap range of quirky tops like these and often they're one offs. If you don't buy them there and then you'll miss out, which I discovered yesterday when I was hoping to buy a top I'd seen but not bought last time I was in there! It's nice to know that they're one of a kind. These tops would be perfect for the many gigs I've got coming up this year which (so far!) include Kids In Glass Houses, The Dead Famous, Funeral For A Friend, Madina Lake and finally Bowling For Soup.

Having discovered some new gig buddies has been one of my favourite things about this year. My new years resolution has been to go to more gigs and it looks like I'm fulfilling it. So many awesome bands to see!

I also picked up some more candles after buying a cute black one a few weeks back. A bit gothic, I know, but they look lovely in my room and to be honest I didn't even know you could buy black candles.

Have you had any successful shopping hauls lately? What do you think of TK Maxx? Most of my friends seem to find it really cheap and filled with junk, but me and family love it - I've always found so many great quirky buys in there!

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  1. I love the anchor top ! I think it's my favourite !


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