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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I couldn't keep you but I'll keep my word, it's the most beautiful pain in the world

Here's what I wore on Easter Sunday! Mamaw always does a big roast dinner for Easter (well, she does a roast dinner every Sunday anyway but she goes all out for Easter/Christmas/celebrations etc) so we had the whole family round. I grabbed this dress from a friend - I was putting loads of stuff on Ebay for her and she said if I spotted anything I fancied I could have it. At first I didn't think this dress was very me - and it's a 14 so it's too big for me really - but I tried it on and loved it. It's very girly and sophisticated. It isn't something I'd usually wear but I love it. I'm going to keep it back mainly for job interviews/work I think. I really love the colours and the design.

This was actually the only second time I've worn those shoes (kitten heels, I know, not very sexy!) since buying them for my brothers wedding a couple of years ago. But they went so well and my other shoes in the same colour were far too high for just dinner.

Make up was basic with excessive use of Urban Decay's 'Smog', an everlasting favourite of mine. I really must learn how to take proper photographs of my make up, especially my eye make up, because I love to experiment with different looks and colours! Any ideas anyone? 

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  1. I love your fringe! It's so dangerous for me to look at fringe pictures...I had one like this once but it didn't suit me at all, but every time I see someone like you rocking one I get all rosy-tinted and nostalgic and start thinking about getting one cut in again!

    Emily x

    1. Thank you! I was so nervous before I got it done, probably because my mum used to cut my fringe when I was younger and it would always end up crooked - but I love it! I'd deffo get one cut, it makes so much difference but if you don't like it it'll grow out really quickly, mine needs trimming for a second time already and I've not had it for long! :) xx

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