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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dressing for a winter wedding - the follow up

A while back I posted about how hard it is to dress for a winter wedding. When you're 85% sure it's going to rain and 100% sure it's going to be cold, when the shops are for some reason only stocking summer dresses/expensive dresses and everything you try on just isn't right, what do you do?

You turn to ebay of course!

After spending hours trawling around Luton, Milton Keynes, St Albans and even Bicester Village and even after giving in and buying one rather too revealing summer dress after being fed up of looking everywhere else, I finally found the perfect dress via ebay for only £5.

Ladies, next time you have a wedding to go to, make sure you look on ebay FIRST before everything else. And early too, so you have more than enough time for it to be delivered and tried on.

I decided on this beautiful red asymmetrical jersey dress which I thought was absolutely lovely. It's a nice colour, it's shorter at the front and longer at the back which means it's a bit different and looks interesting, and most of all it was warm and not at all skimpy!

This was having tried it on straight after it arrived so the skirt is creased - the skirt wasn't actually in this style once it had been ironed! I also forgot to get a full length picture on the day...
I paired it with a cream skinny belt and some beautiful over sized bangles. Overall, it was just the effect I was going for - it was simple but also glam enough for a wedding and at only five pound, I couldn't really complain. I wore it with a leather jacket just whilst we were outside of the venue, but despite the rainy weather, it was warm enough both inside the registry office and the reception venue that I could wear it just as it was without the jacket for most of the day.

My sister also done my hair and make up for me and I thought my hair looked absolutely stunning - I had it up in a messy side bun with plaits either side and it looked great with my fringe too.

It was a really lovely day. We don't often get to see all of the family at once so it was nice to see everyone and just celebrate my uncle finally getting married! The first few drinks at the bar were free (in fact because of the fact that I got ready at my sisters and along with her boyfriend we spent the morning drinking champagne and rocking out to Nirvana, I was tipsy quite early on...oops), the DJ played awesome music (lots of cheese music to dance to and even some Fall Out Boy for a true wedding tradition, as began by me and my sister back at my cousins wedding of '07) and the food was yummy. The bride, Ruby, looked absolutely lovely too, wearing my aunt's old vintage wedding dress!

So I think although originally we predicted vintage and lace was going to be big this year, I think another huge trend for weddings is definitely going to be 'less is more'! As you can see advertised by myself and the other ladies above (we are family! From L-R that's my cousin, my mum and aunt - who were bridesmaids - my sister and me - don't we all look lovely?!), we've all chosen simple dresses and just glammed them up with the use of accessories.

And in conclusion, here is my favourite photo of the night!

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