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Monday, 1 April 2013

Band Brands Wishlist - The Maine

Since growing up, I'd like to think I've become just that little bit more stylish. However the problem with having a soft spot for alternative clothing - and especially band t-shirts - is that some of it isn't always very nice. It's no surprise that I love anything that features skulls/crosses/the colour black but this sucks sometimes because it's not always very feminine or versatile, and often I find I can only usually pair these types of tops with jeans (although that normally looks quite edgy as it is!). The worst thing is band t-shirts though, especially the type that you pick up in a rush after a gig. My wardrobe is filled with band tops that I rarely get to wear.

Normally they're overpriced (if you buy from outside the venue!), and buying from a merch stand means you don't have the chance to try them on. I love lots of American bands which means confusing American sizing - the amount of tops I've bought over the years that have just ended up massive on me and therefore refined to only being worn to bed or lounging around the house is ridiculous! And as much as I hate to say it, some designs just look tacky or corny with oversized band logos or bright girly colours against a black background. Sometimes it's really hard to support your favourite band and look stylish at the same time!

I'm aware this post may be a bit hit and miss because you all may not necessary like The Maine! But that's another reason why I'm posting this - although I'm generally against the whole wearing a bands t-shirt when you're not even a fan of the band thing, I'd like to think that it is possible to find band t-shirts that are that stylish that you could wear just to look good and not just because you want to show off your favourite band - aka something you'd see in a shop and want to buy without even knowing it was band merch because it's just that cute :)

I've searched high and low for some new band merch recently and here are my favourite picks from one of my favourite bands which I think are fashionable or cute enough to wear as an outfit and not just lounging around the house like the other tops I have hidden in my wardrobe!

I absolutely adore these three tops and they are definitely my most favourite. I love the first one because it's so simple - it's ideal for summer and being a croptop, it'll look lovely with highwaisted shorts. It's named after their album, Pioneer & The Good Love, but I just really love how cute and simple it is. The second top I obviously love because it has a skull on it! I actually already own this top, I got it free with a pre order of their DVD and chose a medium, but when it arrived it was massive on me so normally I wear it just over leggings or when I'm feeling pretty slouchy. I'm thinking of ordering it in a smaller size and cutting off the sleeves to make it into a really edgy vest top, which again would go with almost anything and look a bit more rocker/grunge. The way they've got the band name on this is pretty cool too. The last top I love because it has a bit of colour in it which means it can be wore on a day to day basis as again it's pretty versatile. I love how it still has the bands name on it - between the lines of the design - but without it being too big. So many band t-shirts have the name or logo fill up the whole top and it looks overbearing or cheap but I love how they've chosen this design and still encorporated the band name. It looks great with a pair of leather shorts, as shown on the model.

Without realizing it, I've kind of chosen what looks like a bunch of men's tops here haha! These tops would be ideal for any guys who like The Maine and actually if any ladies are reading this it would be a perfect gift for your boyfriend! The tops are listed as unisex. The first one is quite on trend right now and I think it would pretty much go with anything - it would be perfect to wear to another gig. The jumper is very popular and at first I wasn't too sure about it as I have enough things will skulls on them! However I think it would be nice to wear in the winter with a pair of skinny black jeans and would keep me warm and toasty. Finally the last top has another really funky design and again I think it would look great with just a standard pair of jeans.

I think when I next get paid I'll definitely be treating myself! I also have my eye on a band bracelet and necklace which isn't offical merch of The Maine but are really cute nonetheless. There's also a really cool top that I want but unfortunately this isn't available to buy anymore and hasn't been for a good few years. I love it because it's so ironic - the story behind it is that the lead singer, John Ohh (John O'Callaghan) ran into a tree drunk and knocked out his two front teeth so had to get fake teeth instead ha!

I'd love to continue this feature - I have my eye on lots of other merch at the moment from the likes of All Time Low, Fall Out Boy and, although I know it's tecnically not a band, Dougie Poynter's St Kidd range. Keep an eye out for some similar posts to this one!

All items on this page (excluding the 'I partied way too hard with John Ohhh' shirt) are available from the bands offical merch website,


  1. The Maine is one of my partner’s favorite bands! I bet I can give this long-sleeved shirt is a perfect fit for him! I just hope I can save enough to buy this while stocks last. Hehe! Anyway, I have tons of band shirts at home. I even use them at home and when going out I want everyone to know about the bands I like listening too. :)

    -Vernia Soriano-

    1. I think it'll stay in stock for a while :) And yep, I agree, I love band t-shirts :) Glad this post was helpful! x


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