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Saturday, 2 March 2013

There is a way to predict the outcome with people like you

It was our neighbour's/family friend's 50th birthday this week and so she had a surprise party last night. This is what I wore (and I'm cheating a bit too because I also wore this outfit last Saturday on a night out, even though I can only remember half of the night - oops!). Quite basic as I had work this morning so didn't plan to stay too long. Nan treated me to this dress last week as it was only £10. I really love it because it's quite simple but has a really nice lace back. I've come to notice when it comes to 'going out' I always stick to the same style of dress really, don't I?

And I have a love hate relationship with these heels too. They're gorgeous and go with almost everything but they keep causing me to fall over (yeah, blame the high shoes...) and really I could do with purchasing a few different pairs of shoes. Also, see that bruise on my knee? Yeah it's a lot bigger and worse in real life and that was a result of a drunken mishap last Saturday..

Anyway, I wasn't really feeling in the party mood last night as I've had such a busy week. Yesterday was tiring in particular as my sister came and picked me up at 9am and we headed straight over to Bicester to try and get an outfit each for my uncle's wedding which is in three weeks time. Although the delicious Jamie Oliver hot dog made the hour and a half trip worth it, there was nothing decent and/or affordable there clothes wise. So we came back to Milton Keynes where we were only slightly more successful - we both purchased cream dresses before remembering once we got home that a) you're not really supposed to wear the same colour as the bride and b) the food in the evening is literally indian food which means with us both being extremely clumsy, no doubt we'll spill it all down ourselves. AND once I tried the dress on again when I was home, my sister and mum pointed out to me that it was extremely see through. I give up. Next time someone gets married, I'll be going naked or in my pajamas. Why is it so stressful finding an outfit for a wedding? A simple dress just won't do for some reason. Oh no, you have to go all out and get a dress that's extra nice, then you need a jacket/shawl/cardigan/coat, as well as matching shoes and a bag/clutch. THEN there's jewelry if your dress happens to need jazzing up a bit. So much stress for just one day!

I kind of managed to get one photo of my eye make up last night - though you still can't see it too well but you can see the gorgeous Urban Decay shade I used - Smog. It's an old favourite of mine that I tend to go back to time and time again.

Lipstick - of course I wore my Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick - when do I ever not?!

How gorgeous is this little bracelet that my sister bought me? I love it, it's so simple but so beautiful.

This is the back of the dress with the stunning lace detail - I couldn't get a clear enough picture of me wearing it (do you know how hard it is trying to take a photo of your back?!). Also I love that it's almost exactly the same shade as my blanket haha.

Anyway, in hindsight I was probably a tad too dressed up considering it turns out the party was only in a pub (though not too dressed up when I wore this dress last weekend!) but still, as I always say, I'd much rather be over dressed than under dressed. It was a good night anyway, even down to the cheesy music such as The Macerina and The Cha Cha Slide. I can safely say I did NOT join in with these, but Mamaw did manage to drag me up for a boogie during that 'Only love will set you free song'. I do love that song and it reminded me of Freshers.

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  1. That colour is fabulous on you. I love how you've paired it with the neutral shoes. You looked gorgeous xx

    1. Aww thank you that's really nice of you to say :) xxx


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