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Thursday, 7 March 2013

One to listen to - Landon Pigg

It's funny how music is one of my biggest passions in life, yet I rarely blog about it. Would music be something you would be interested reading about? The review of gigs & suggestions of great artists? Let me know!

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Anyway, in the mean time, I had to let you know about the latest artist that I simply cannot stop listening to. Landon Pigg is an American singer/songwriter who I discovered after spotting his role in Whip It!. He has the most beautiful voice and his music is kind of a mix between indie and pop, with a little bit of country thrown in. His music is the type of music you can put on low in the background and just listen to no matter what you're doing. You know how some music, as much as you love it, seems too 'heavy' or 'loud' when all you want to do is relax? His music is the complete opposite - it's the perfect lullaby to listen to when I struggle to fall asleep, or as the ideal background noise when I'm busy doing other things. It's light easy listening, yet when I stop and actually listen to the lyrics and pay attention, his music is quite moving too with the most beautiful and catch worthy lyrics. It's a bit like James Blunt, only less corny and much more cool.

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Landon Pigg has released three albums, the first of which is almost impossible to find and is very raw. His first album, Demonstration - released in 2002- (so long ago now!), is very relaxed, acoustic and different from his other music, but is just as great. I'd say this album has the most country feel to it, especially with the completely instrumental track Almost West. The song, Little Darlin', is one of the most catchy songs I've ever heard and since I first listened to it I've repeatedly been singing it around the house constantly! I think Little Darlin' is my favourite track on the album. It's the perfect melody with the smallest hint of country thrown in.

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His second album, LP was released in 2006 sounds a lot more 'put together' than Demonstration. Not that Demonstration wasn't good - I absolutely loved how basic and raw Demonstration was - but LP sounds just that little bit more advanced, as if you can tell he's gotten a bit more well known and uses more instruments on this album if that makes sense! LP is just as catchy with a few more heavier 'rocky' tracks thrown in. It's very upbeat and even includes a couple of really sweet love songs, such as Just Like I Am, Perfectionist and the very moving Great Companion. I absolutely adore these songs and although I love the whole album, my other favourite songs are Can't Let Go and On The Other Side.

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Finally, his last album was released in 2009 and called The Boy Who Never. This album has another big mixture of songs, it seems to be the perfect blend of the first two albums with a couple of country tracks, some indie ones, some more upbeat rocker ones and even some pop ones. It really has a bit of everything and is probably his most well known album, especially with his most known song, Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop. My favourite songs from the album would have to be that one (which has an amazing video to match!), as well as Take A Chance and Blue Skies, which has this really relaxing and inspiring feel to it, like it should be listened to laying in the grass on a bright summers day.

Landon Pigg has fast become a favourite artist of mine and I think his music is something really everyone would listen to. Whilst I enjoy all of his music but most especially his slower songs and the more romantic ones, I know for example my mum would enjoy some of his country songs or the slower ones too, whereas my sister would enjoy the upbeat 'rocker' ones. I think he offers the kind of music that has a song for everything, no matter what type of mood you're in. I'd recommend checking him out!

Actually, I've just realized why I rarely ever blog about music. As much as I love it, I'm clearly bad at describing it, haha!

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