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Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Week in Pictures

So I've been debating about this for ages and ages now if I'm honest! I loved updating you all about my personal life, not just to add a personal touch to the blog but also because it was nice to me to look back on and have a reminder of what I've done. I strongly believe that most of my favourite blogs are my favourite because they are very professional but add just enough personal things to make the blogs that little bit more relaxed and friendly. However, I've also seen blogs that post TOO much personal stuff, and in the past I've definitely had to stop and think about how much I was posting on here. Although it's nice letting you all know what I've been doing with my life, there were points where I thought I was being just a little bit too open - I know people from my past subscribe to my blog and when people are no longer in my life I'd rather they weren't updated about my life. Likewise, if you post up too much information about yourself online - not just on a blog but on Facebook, Twitter etc, what's left for people to get to know in real life? 

It's a debatable subject - do let me know what you think and if you personally do or do not enjoy my personal posts - but certainly something I've missed doing. I've considered perhaps doing this monthly or fortnightly instead of weekly (which had such a corny name too!) but we'll see. This might be a one off or I might just post updates when I feel like it. Anyway, we'll see.

Feeding the ducks at the canal / Missing Bruges this week / Accompanying my friend to get her first tattoo / One of my favourite pieces from 'Exhalation' / Stealing someone's glasses last night / Stealing a trolley last night / Little Rudy! / Reading on a Sunday afternoon / Playing on my Dad's old Vectrex which he found in the attic - very retro!

This week I've been -

Reading...The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
Listening to...Imagine Dragons - Radioactive 
Playing...the retro Vectrex!
Smelling of...Harajuki Lovers Fragrance - Lil' Angel
Happy about...the many great books I've been reading lately
Perving on...Landon Pigg

The weather was actually a little nice this week, so when I wasn't working I tried to make the most of it by taking Jasper out for a walk or by going for a jog/run. Maybe once or twice this week I got a little excited about summer and the idea of sunshine, BBQ's and drives up the downs again...until the weather went back to it's cold and dreary normal self :( I really miss wearing skirts and dresses as well! Although I did finally treat myself to an expensive but genuinely good quality and long lasting pair of jeans (which actually means it's a pair of jeans that makes my ass look good!), since all of mine are old/baggy. I also finished reading Stephenie Meyer's The Host this week at last, and have to say, I really, really loved it. I think it's a shame she gets so much negativity surrounding the Twilight films because the books were actually quite good. I loved The Host, some parts droned on a bit but overall it was a great storyline and I can't wait to see the film. I actually only picked up the book a couple of weeks ago after seeing the trailer which I also loved because a) it stars the very gorgeous Max Irons and b) it had a great soundtrack/background song which I now cannot stop listening too. This weekend was fairly fun too, myself and my friend Amy decided kind of last minute to head out last night (I'd just finished stuffing a takeaway curry!) but I find the unplanned nights always tend to be the best. It was a fun night, we met some great people which resulted in us all in McDonald's at 3am chatting away and laughing before finally getting home at about 7am. I do love middle of the night conversations like that! It's Mothers Day today of course and I bought Mamaw some flowers and a box of Krispy Kremes, but me and my sister are going halfs to take her away on a overnight spa stay as her actual main present. I'm looking forward to it!

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