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Sunday, 3 February 2013

'Free' Dominoes Pizza!

I just had to quickly blog about this deal! are currently offering £10 cash back for ordering through Dominoes, whilst Dominoes are offering 50% any pizza (as long as you spend £15) with the code FEEDME50!

Technically, depending on the size of your pizza you can get it completely free, once you receive the £10 cash back within 7 days. But the 50% code is only valid until midnight!

I ordered a pizza for tonight which only cost me £2 (I picked a large pizza for 14.99 but added garlic bread for it to be valid. With the code it was £12, £10 of which I'll get back). I don't have work tomorrow and, being obsessed with anything American, I've decided to stay up with my pizza and watch the Super Bowl :)

Don't forget the 50% code is only valid until midnight!

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