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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Book Review - Derby Girl by Shauna Cross

Recently I reviewed the film Whip It, a story all about roller derby, being an outcast and struggling to fit in. I raved about how much I loved the film and how quirky it was and recently read the book which the film was based upon. 

There's not much I can say about the story line of this book that I haven't already said in my film review post, because surprisingly the film stuck very close to what happens in the book - therefore I'll keep this review short and sweet!

I could only name one or two minor differences between the book and film, neither of which were extremely important to the story line. I found Bliss's character to be a little bit more sassy and awesome in the book, but I really loved the tone of voice Shauna Cross uses in the book. It's very informal and different, making it so easy to get inside the characters head.

The chapters are short and straight to the point, and apart from the first couple of chapters, the author doesn't tend to dwell on Bliss's feelings about not fitting in. This worked well though because she didn't really need to ; throughout the book it's obvious to see without having to be constantly reminded.

I did think Oliver's character was a tad more of a douche-bag in the book than opposed to in the movie, but again, we saw learned more about his character in the book overall, so he also seemed like a really nice character at some parts.

The book made me laugh out loud and made me feel inspired, and I thought it was just a really great light hearted read. I loved the book as much as the film - if not more - and despite being a book that was fairly short, it's one I'd re-read over and over. It's an ideal book to just pick up and read through in one go because it's not too heavy.

It's not deep and perhaps not moving but it is inspiring and laugh out loud funny.

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  1. It's a very good book I love it! acording to me, I never got to BUY it myself. which, I strongly would like too, but not yet have throughly ''searched'' for it. :/ and even though I am only 12. I have the mind of a fifteen year old. I thin =k everywone should check it out! It's very sassy!! which is awesome about it, and I must say, Oliver, is just like my friend:) classic
    xoxo lovveee this book, rate it a HOT TEN!!! Kyleigh Matz any thoughts, message me on facebook, or @ '''' yahoo:) 8)


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