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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Look Of The Week - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Despite being skint, yesterday me and some friends headed down to Lakeside shopping centre in Essex to do a spot of shopping. I had a £20 gift voucher from my sister for my birthday/Christmas which was redeemable in a few shops such as Miss Selfridge, Topshop etc. I'd never been to Lakeside before - it only took about an hour to get there - but it was massive! It reminded me so much of The Metro Centre in Gateshead. We also got lost when they were closing, we couldn't find the exit and they were switching off the lights whilst we were still inside - we were convinced we'd get locked in, oops. I also finally got to pop into Boux Avenue, a store I am absolutely in love with. It's so classy! Anyway, I had work in the morning so came home and just changed pretty quickly so I chose quite a causal look. I really wanted an excuse to wear my new denim shirt and my new converse trainers. Here's what I wore...

Double denim today - eat your heart out John O'Callaghan ;) Inspired by my favourite rockstar and his obsession with denim, I couldn't help but pair two shades of denim together and be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Despite looking very 80s, I think it works, don't you?! 

Accessories wise, I edged it up a bit by wearing the above clustered 'rock' necklace, as well as my studded Stella & Dot bracelet and the adorable pink skull bracelet my nan got me for Christmas. Over all, the whole outfit is a bit of a mess with random things just paired together, but I think it looks kind of funky!

What do you all think? I am in love with this denim shirt and think I'll definitely be wearing it a lot in this summer, perhaps more as a jacket than as a shirt once the weather warms up. And aren't my new converse sneakers sexy?!

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  1. Love this outfit! I'm not keen on the double denim look but this looks really good! I'm tempted to buy a denim shirt for myself!


    1. Thank you! There are loads of really cute ones in Primark atm which are really cheap too..I already own two and am tempted to go back and buy another studded one haha! xxx

  2. I live near Lakeside (it's such a distraction, I can practically see it from where I work) but it's a great place to go shopping :)
    The Goldsmiths Boutique is one of my fave shops, such lovely watches and necklaces :)

    It's a nightmare getting lost in the place, I never know what end i'm at and have to go back on myself quite often to find my car haha.
    Have you been to Bluewater over in Kent? It's triangle shaped so less chance of getting lost...although I still do!



    1. Aww yeah we had a mooch in that shop! I saw a lovely shop which sold loads of really gorgeous skull iPhone cases too, I really liked it there! I've not been to Bluewater no, but I used to go to the Metrocenter and get lost there so I feel your pain. I still occasionally get lost in Milton Keynes lol :) xxx

  3. You look gorgeous! Love this outfit on you!x

  4. Love your blog.'ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! :) read here.... {}

    Lauren @ Simply Free

  5. I was at Lakeside that day too! My boyfriend lives in Thurrock, must have only just missed you. What are the chances! xx

    1. No way?! I did text you but you must have not got my text :( We left pretty late and didn't get there till 6ish anyway lol xxx

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