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Friday, 28 September 2012

For someone who is obsessed with zombies and has recently gotten into running too, this amazing app mixed the two perfectly. I was so excited to discover this app and downloaded it immediately - eager to get out running and using it. This app is one thing that really helped motivate me over the summer and helped push me to get out running more.

The general gist of the app is that you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and you listen to this app as you work out - whether that be by walking, jogging, running or even cycling. The story unfolds between your different music tracks (so you can still listen to your music) and as you run you discover more of the storyline, which instructs you to keep running or even in some cases speed up further as there are zombies chasing you!

It is a really original idea - not anything I've heard of before - and I've found it really motivating. Because the story is ongoing, it pushes you to go for other runs as well as each mission unfolds more of the ongoing story. As you run you collect supplies which can then be added to your base in the app - you can watch as the hospital or armoury level up as you apply supplies to them. You discover new characters, each of which motivate you as well.

Additionally, your runs are saved not only on the app but also on the website, if you sync your account. The app will show you how long your run was, how many calories you've burned and also a brief summary of what actually happened on your 'mission' - the characters you met, the supplies you picked up etc. If you choose to sync your account, you can log on and see each mission/run in detail via the website. Here you'll see a map of where you ran and even pinpoints to where each event within the story occurred on your run. It also displays comprehensive graphs of your pace throughout your run, and how fast you were going at these points. Awesome right?!

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Details on the website of my first run, click image to enlarge
I really loved using this app and it's made me go from someone who used to dread running in high school to now actually enjoying it.

Zombies, Run! is available on iPhone, Android & Windows Phone. //

P.S Check back next Friday for another inspiring post about about becoming & being more fit and healthy or have a look at the Fitness tag!
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Music. What does it mean to you? If there's one thing in the world I could never live without it would without a doubt be music. Music is one of the most amazing things on this earth. To me, music is so, so much more than just a song and lyrics. It can be accepted like that, of course. And sometimes that's lovely. Sometimes it's nice to just accept a song or music for what it is. Sometimes it's nice to just have music playing in the background, or going to a club and dancing to it.

But it's so much more. It starts off with an idea, a memory, a moment. An artist takes this feeling and turns it into a song so that it can be conveyed to others. Taking something from your mind to paper is one of the hardest things. And then when you listen to it, it just flows through you. Music can represent a feeling. It can remind you of a memory you shared with someone, or remind you of how you felt in that particular moment. It can inspire you. It can give you hope. 

When I close my eyes and listen to music, I feel it run through my veins. Sometimes it gives me tingles. Have you ever had tears instantly fill your eyes the moment you hear the opening chords of a song? Before you've even heard any lyrics or before you know what it's about, already those brief sounds have made such an impact on your life, more than anything else ever will. I cannot even begin to explain how much music means to me or how much of an impact some bands have had on my life. Luckily music falls hand in hand with another passion of mine - gigging it! Seeing a band live is one of my favourite things in the whole world. I love the atmosphere of seeing a band live, I love seeing the way so many people come together and sing together to a song that means so much to them for so many different reasons. I love the fact that I actually get to experience a band performing that song live - I get to see the emotion as they sing it, I get to essentially have them sing it to me and it's also so lovely to actually be close to the band.

Last night myself and my good friend Amy went to see an american band called The Maine at The Electric Ballroom in London. This is the first proper gig I've been to in about two years, so I was so excited as I'd missed seeing bands live so much. It was a really nice night out too, it was something different. We headed down early as I had an exclusive meet and greet ticket which meant I was going to meet the band, including their sexy lead singer, John O'Callaghan.

I was quite nervous but as soon as I walked into the venue I felt so overwhelmed as I spotted the band on stage. I was close to the stage and it was only a small exclusive crowd of about 100 people and it was honestly just a bit of a shock to me. The Maine are a band that I've been a fan for for about two months now and already they've had such a massive impact on my life, the lead singer is my idol and they've become such a huge part of my life so quickly. They will be a band I'll forever be a fan of. So it was so nice to walk in and see them, especially as they are American so they don't come to the UK too often. I was very lucky to be able to see them so soon after becoming a fan. So they performed two songs for us which was nice because it was very small and intimate and then we were told to line up to meet them!

When it came to my turn I was like 'Oh my god' in my head ha. The girl in front of me gave the lead singer John a chocolate bar and he thought it was from me as well and kept thanking me ha! He was really friendly, we had a little chat and I asked him how he was enjoying London and asked for a hug. I got a hug from the rest of the band too and almost walked off forgetting the group photo! There are five members of the band and everyone who was having photos stood right in the middle of them and I was like NOPE Ima stand next to John ha so I walked over to him (he was on the end) and was like 'Can I stand here with you?' and he was like 'Off course!' ha. And then just before the last photo was taken he said to me/to everyone 'POSE'. As soon as the photo took I went to him 'I didn't pose I just smiled' and he was like 'me either!' and we both looked at each other and laughed. I can't believe how friendly he was!

From L-R, John, myself, Kennedy, Jared, Garrett, Pat & two random girls
Then me and Amy went and got changed and had a drink in a pub, then bought a cheeky bottle of Malibu to drink in the line as we waited to get into the venue. Once we were in the atmosphere just hit us immediately, you could just feel the excitement in the air. We bought drinks and ambled our way through the massive crowd to get near the front, we were like, two people back from the barriers? And we got talking to some lovely girls behind us who were also the same age as us (seriously everyone was SO YOUNG they were all like 15!). We started dancing along to the first band that came on, we were a bit miffed to why a lot of people weren't dancing because even though we didn't even know the band they were still good! The second band, This Century, were really, really good too and I'm a converted fan.

I was quite surprised at how quickly The Maine came on, I've been to gigs before where it's an hour wait between each bands set, usually longer when you're waiting for the headlining band but they were on within 20 minutes! It was just one of many examples that reminded me of how much they appreciated their fans. So of course when they came on and launched immediately into a performance of 'Identify' from their new album, Pioneer & The Good Love, everyone went crazy and started jumping and moshing together. It was such an amazing atmosphere and again even I felt a bit overwhelmed because when you listen to a band and connect with them so much, when their songs mean so much to you or help you through hard times, it's such an amazing experience to then see them live and experience them performing to you rather then just on a CD or whatever. They played nearly every one of my favourite songs and again in a weird way this made me feel so much closer to them. For example one of my favourite songs is called 'Like We Did (Windows Down)' and is about becoming old and trying not to regret the way you spent your youth and how you should live life to the full (or at least that's how I interpret it!). I love it because I agree with the message behind the song and it means a lot to me, so to see them perform that you just get that special moment where rather then it's you being a fan and them being a band just for a few moments you're all equal as you sing to each other, expressing the same message, feeling the same things and such - for a while you do connect to them. Their set was honestly amazing, some bands aren't that good live but they really, really were. You could tell they were putting everything into their performance and how much it meant to them and John's voice was just pure amazing the whole time. His voice just ran through me! It was really funny as well because me and another girl shouted to him 'GET TOPLESS' and he heard us and looked at us and started talking to us from the stage! He was like 'What I can't hear what you're saying, you have work tomorrow? Fuck work, don't go in!' ha.

I actually just found a video on YouTube of him talking to me from the stage! I'm so chuffed about this, about 50 seconds in he starts talking and if you listen closely you can hear me shout 'get naked' haha!

Is it sad that I'm so happy I've got a copy of this on film..?!

John singing 'Take Me Dancing' another personal favourite, sorry about the bad quality! LOL at the girl screaming 'Have my babies' at the end (it wasn't me, I swear!)

Their whole performance just gave me chills and if you watch that video you can see why - he has the most amazing voice and you can tell from the video that John and the rest of the band sound just as good live as they do in the studio. You can just tell how talented he is and how amazing he sounds live and that's why I love them!

After the gig we went outside and to the back of the venue where the tour bus was but then the dude (I think it was their manager?) came and told us they'd be coming out at the front of the venue, and they did within 20 minutes. They really appreciate their fans, you can tell, I don't know any other bands that would offer an exclusive meet and greet or come outside to see fans so quickly after the show, I've waited outside venues for hours to meet bands in the past!

Firstly we spotted the lead singer of This Century and I asked for a photo and he mocked/did an impression of my accent then said he loved it! We had a little chat, he was lovely too, I said I was a converted fan and promised to buy their EP. Then The Maine came out again and I got to meet John again! I was like to him 'I know I met you before but can you sign this for me as well please' and handed him my Wreck This Journal (I've got his piece Said & Done written in it) and he was like 'yeah I remember you!' which I thought was really cute. I know most bands say that anyway when you ask them but I didn't ask, he just brought it up ha. So he signed it and we had another couple of photos and then I asked him for a kiss and he went 'A KISS' in a really cute shocked face and then gave me one - he was so lovely!

After that we left because he was practically getting mobbed by fans. I would have loved to have chatted for longer and yes, I had every intention of chatting him up and I do believe that considering every single fan was 15 or so and I'm only a year and a half younger than him, I would have had a good chance! But unfortunately he's just too sexy and too many girls wanted his attention, ha. The chatting up will have to wait until next time.

But it really was an amazing night and hand on heart would probably be one of the best gigs I've been to (and I've been to A LOT!). I'd say this not only just because I met them but because they genuinely were good live, I've seen bands that have been good live but better in the studio but this definitely wasn't the case here. They were also so friendly and it was nice to go with Amy, she'd never been to a gig before, let alone a rock gig, so it was nice to experience it with her. It was also great just to have the overall experience because they've become such a prominent band in my life. We met loads of nice people on the night too and finally it was just nice to go and do something a bit different, it was fun to experience a different atmosphere and have a good time.

Finally it was also nice to see how far the band have come! I've only been a fan for about two months now but they've been a band for a good five or so years and I'm pretty sure this has been their first UK headlining tour - it was so busy and so even though they're American it's nice to see how big they're getting in the UK!

I'd definitely recommend you become a fan of The Maine or This Century and aim to see them next time they are in the UK. Before last night it had been too long since I'd last been to a gig and I've missed it so much, last night just reminded me of how amazing it is to see bands perform music live so I'll be booking another gig ASAP! I'll also be doing a LOTW based on my attire too later in the week  - I only wore the jeans in the day/to the meet and greet because it was cold, I wore something else for the actual gig :)

Do you go to a lot of gigs? Are there any bands you've always wanted to see but haven't had the chance to? What's the best gig you've ever been to? Let me know in the comments below!

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Monday, 24 September 2012

A few weeks ago I found some amazing articles all about 'untranslatable words'. They referred to different words or phrases that explain a feeling, emotion or situation but simply cannot be translated into English. As much as I adore the English language, it continually surprises me to find that we don't already have a word or phrase that capture these specific feelings. Some of them are so beautiful that I couldn't help but sharing some of my favourites with you all.

Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan) The wordless yet meaningful look shared by two people who desire to initiate something, but are both reluctant to start.

Yanfen (Chinese) A relationship by fate or destiny. This is a complex concept. It draws on principles of predetermination in Chinese culture, which dictate relationships, encounters and affinities, mostly among lovers and friends.

Cafuné (Brazilian Portuguese) The act of tenderly running your fingers through someone's hair

La Douleur Exquise (French) The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can't have.

Koi No Yokan (Japanese) The sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love.
I absolutely adore this one - it's like when you meet someone for the first time and you get that feeling deep inside that something, somewhere down the line is going to happen between you both, whether thats weeks or years from now. It's beautiful. According to one source I found, it differs from the meaning of 'love at first sight' because it does not imply that the feeling of love exists, rather it refers to the knowledge that a future love is inevitable.

Fernweh/Wanderlust (German) The opposite of home-sicknesses, a desire or longing to travel.

Wabi-sabi (Japanese) 'A flawed part of an elegant whole'. It refers to the idea of finding perfection or beauty within life's imperfections and recognizing that they are part of something larger.

Saudade (Portuguese) An intense, constant longing for something that does not and probably cannot exist. A vague and constant desire for a lose love, or for an imaginary, impossible, never-to-be-experienced love.
I think this one is perhaps me all over!

How beautiful are they all? Do you have a favourite? Have you ever felt something similar to anything mentioned in this article but have been unable to describe it exactly?

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Friday, 21 September 2012

At the start of this year, I decided I wanted to try and tone up and be a bit more healthy. Well, I decide that every year really! A few months ago I was looking through some pictures and realized I had put on weight between last year and now. It was nothing major - in fact in one photo from last year I think I look a bit too thin, but I can't deny the fact that I miss my body being the way it was. Generally, I'm quite happy with my body. I love my curves. I really, really love them - they make me feel sexy and womanly and I wouldn't get rid of them for the world. But ideally, I'd like to just tone up - lose a bit of face fat, lose a bit of arm fat and just have a flatter tummy. But overall? My main goal has been to just be a bit more healthy. For someone who doesn't do any exercise and eats so much junk food, weight aside, I can't physically be in the best health I could be.

So recently I decided to finally do something about it. Over the past six months, I have dabbled in yoga which I do enjoy and I've gone for a few weeks on end managing at least half hour or so on Just Dance (so much fun!) - both of these are things I'll still continue to do but not to a specific schedule!

I know fitness and being healthy is a subject that interests a lot of girls - we have such unhealthy ideas of what weight we should be and how we should look that we often forget that the important thing is actually to just be happy and healthy as we are. So I've decided to start a new feature on this blog called Fitness Friday (original, right?!) where on a Friday I'll be posting about anything to do with being more fit and healthy. I hope it's something that interests you all!

Running is something I've especially wanted to get into. And I hate running. But when I hear people talk about how relaxing it is and how good they feel after a run, I feel motivated and I want to go out and run. Therefore I purchased myself a little running kit and began to get into running earlier this summer. I bought myself some proper running headphones because headphones always fall out of my ears and a little arm band velcro thing so I can run with my iPod or iPhone safely with me. This was mainly for music and apps to help track my runs.

Although I'll be posting about all sorts of fitness related things over the next few months and will be posting about running again, I thought as this is just an introductory post to this new feature, it would be a nice idea to talk about what happened on my first run only a few months ago.

Thursday 19th July 2012

Today I went for my first jog! I got myself all kitted up, grabbed Jasper and headed out. I was feeling a bit nervous admittedly - I thought I looked like a bit of an idiot in what I was wearing and that I'd end up looking really funny when I was running! I love taking Jasper out because I feel less self concious and also, bless him, he's getting old so he's not as fast as he used to be. He runs at just the right pace for a beginner like me, and of course he's a dog so he's constantly stopping to sniff things. This is good as it means I can take loads of breaks without feeling guilty! It was actually really nice, I alternated between jogging and walking - I did more walking than jogging without a doubt but it's still a start. Once I got going I didn't feel nervous anymore and I did start to feel a bit relaxed - it was nice to clear my head. I also finally got to put my Zombies Run App to good use which I found absolutely hilarious. Seriously, people must have thought I was mad as I jogged along, giggling and talking to myself (answering the guy on the app). But I loved it, I really think it's the coolest App ever - I'll post about this soon!

Then on my way home something strange happened. Being that this is pretty much my first run in at least five years, I wasn't looking good. I had no makeup on, I was in really boring jogging clothes (lots of grey), my hair was a mess and I was just about ready to collapse - and it showed. So this dude drives past me staring at me, but I think nothing of it. Next thing I know, a few minutes later, he's turned his car around, drove up the road and pulled up beside me to offer me his number! I kid you not! I don't think I look good at the best of times, but to have someone actually turn their car around after checking me out ON A JOG is pretty weird. I was slightly scared of course (but also a bit chuffed). It's definitely motivated me to go out again though! To think, I end up pulling on my first jog in five years...not bad!

The best feeling was just knowing that I pushed myself to get up and do it for the first time. It felt good that I took that first step and it made me feel really confident too. I didn't ache much as obviously it was my first run/jog so I barely pushed myself at all - but I did feel good about myself just knowing that I'd made the effort to do some form of healthy work out!

Do you go for runs? Is a weekly fitness feature on this blog something you'd be interested in?

P.S Check back next Friday for another inspiring post about about becoming & being more fit and healthy or have a look at the Fitness tag!

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

So because the gig is a week today, I've spent days trawling the internet for inspiration on what to wear next Wednesday. Despite the fact I can hardly afford any of this stuff, I've found it helpful to look at to decide what to wear out of what I already own, or to decide what goes with the few tops I've already bought. It's been ages since I've done a Wednesday wish list and I've actually got a lot of gigs on my wish list too, so I thought it would be nice to do a post for old times sake. So here's my Wednesday wish list for my dream gig wardrobe - aka lots of dark, quirky and alternative stuff. Enjoy!

Frock and Frill Embellished Shift Dress, Republic, £60.00
I love this dress, although it's a bit pricey and wouldn't really be suitable for the particular gig I'm going to. I think this dress is perfect for attending one of those smaller casual performances where rather then moshing in the crowd, you watch the performance from the bar or whatever. I never usually go for stuff like this but I think it's kind of quirky without being too over the top. It would look great with a pair of black heels and just the minimum jewellery, perhaps a dangly bracelet but that's all.

Glamorous Stud Shoulder T-shirt, Republic, £24.00
I love this t-shirt because it's so basic which means it's perfect for when you're rocking out. The studded shoulders means its bang on trend and whilst everyone else will probably be in plain black vest tops, it makes you stand out a little. I'd wear this with denim hot pants, biker boots and lots of big, silver dangly bracelets.

Petites Gold Embellished Shorts, Miss Selfridge, £48.00
I could never pull these off, but the idea of wearing a really 'out there' pair of shorts is my dream! These are really cute and would really make you stand out - I'd wear these with just a simple white or cream top and heels of course. I think the gold contrasting with the black is a really nice nod to the rocker look but still being a bit feminine in the process.

Thread and Chain Mini Skull Bracelet, Accessorize, £4.00
I absolutely adore this bracelet and will probably go on to purchase it myself! I think it's so cute and basic but the little skull just makes it perfect for a gig or to give your look an edge. This would look great with anything!

Studded nails, worn by The Nailasaurus
I love these nails - I think they're so edgy and different! I would never have the time and patience to do these but if I did I would definitely be fashioning my nails like this to the gig.

What about you? What do you normally wear to a gig? Do you go all out, make a bit of effort or just dress normally? Let me know and keep an eye out for an outfit post of what I do decide to wear eventually!

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Monday, 17 September 2012

There's a beautiful French phrase that I adore which refers to unrequited or unreciprocated love. It is La Douleur Exquise: The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can't have. What I particularly love about this phrase is how beautiful and romantic it sounds, even though the meaning behind it is absolutely tragic.

We've all been there before and there really is nothing worse than wanting or having feelings for someone you can't have - whatever reason that may be. We've all experienced that horrible gut feeling when we see someone we adore with another person - it really is the most horrible thing in the world. But what can you do? If you like or love someone who doesn't feel the same or who is already in a relationship, you're doomed to suffer, loving them from afar. You can't exactly break up their relationship or force someone to love you. But there are some ways to deal with the situation - it's the worst thing feeling like you'll never move on, but you will. Here's some ways to deal with that horrible feeling.

  • Put some space between you and that person. If you see them on a regular basis, it's only going to add to your feelings. If you have some space away from them, you'll find that out of sight means out of mind and eventually those feelings just might go away.
  • Accept that if you were supposed to be with them and that if they really did feel the same way, they would be with you = it's as simple as that. Obviously if they are already in a relationship it is a bit more complicated, but at the end of the day if they still truly cared about you and wanted to be with you, they'd be doing everything they could to make it happen.
  • You could try talking to the other person about how you feel. Generally, if they're in a relationship, you shouldn't really do this. However if you get on well and it really is effecting you badly, then perhaps this could be a last resort. At the very worst, if they don't return your feelings, they'll at least be aware that you feel that way and take that into consideration, possibly making a bigger effort not to give off mixed messages or partake in public displays of affection with others in front of you.
  • Find someone else to fancy - it'll be a nice distraction and could always lead onto something more.
  • Think about how it's effecting you and put yourself first. It's so easy to fall into the routine of liking or loving someone from afar and just 'putting up with it' because it's easier. But it's not, and essentially it's just making you miserable. Why would you want to pine after someone you can't have when in doing so you're probably missing out on chances to be with someone who really wants to be with you?
  • Scream it out! Y'know that moment when you see them kiss someone other than you and you just get so frustrated? Rather then doing something you'll regret like lashing out at them, find another way to get rid of your frustration and try just screaming the problem out until the image leaves your mind.
  • Think about why you fell for this person. If you find you easily fall for people who are already taken, it could mean something in the long run like about what you feel you deserve deep down. You know you deserve someone who returns your feelings and you deserve better.
  • Don't mistake how you feel for something more than it is. It can get quite exciting when you get close to someone who's already taken, especially if they flirt with you or return your feelings (but similarly can't be with you). When this happens, its so easy to confuse a simple crush with something much more because of the thrill of it all. Don't go declaring your undying love for them when you just fancy them!
  • If they do feel the same but can't be with you because they're already in a relationship - talk it through and do things properly. Don't cheat, even if you both feel their relationship is failing and they'd be better with you. Even if they end things with that person to be with you, it'll forever hang over your heads and you'll never get over it. That's never a way to start a new relationship with someone. If by any chance you do find yourself in this situation, do things properly. Give them space to think about what they want and how things are going in their relationship and eventually, if they do become single, give them time and space before you think about making a move on them.
If none of that works then perhaps it's time to accept that life can be a bitch and sometimes things just aren't meant to be. Don't pine over them, but instead think of the positives of the situation, like how you took the mature route and didn't cheat, or how soon enough someone who really wants you and deserves you will be on their way and you won't have to fight for their attention.

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

A lot of people shy away from the idea of work experience, thinking it's only necessary to do for those two weeks in high school and not really realizing how beneficial it can be.  Work experience is, essentially, working for free, in some cases you have to cover your own travel costs and, if you're already working, take time off from your main job. 

Despite this, work experience can be extremely helpful, especially if you're trying to get into a business like media or journalism. I've found that most of the journalism related opportunities I've gained since graduating have mostly been down to my own experience rather then my degree. I know a lot of you blog readers hope for a career in media, so I'm hoping that this post applies to a lot of you. With media/journalism, it's never strictly about having a degree and sometimes it's never strictly about having experience either. Although you can break into the industry on just one of the two, both are equally just as important to the other which means that getting some work experience under your belt is so helpful to get your foot in the door in a career like this.

However, as stated before, obviously the 'working for free' part doesn't really appeal to many people. Here's some tips to why you should consider doing some work experience despite this factor anyway and how it will help you.

  • Any form of work experience will look great on your C.V, whether you spent the week getting features published or something as little as making tea for everyone. No matter what, the fact that you were willing to take time out of working and put some effort into furthering your experience will look really good on your C.V and any future employer will see that. Most especially, if you manage to bag work experience at a well known or really good company, this will also look great.
  • You'll make some great contacts too, and if you make a good impression people will remember you. Even if it doesn't lead onto a job, if you've made a good impression with the people you worked with then they will remember you and probably consider you for any other upcoming opportunities too. 
  • You'll also get the chance to work and speak to these people and learn more about their roles in the company and the production of the company's product (such as how a magazine is put together if you do experience with a magazine's company etc) and no matter what, you'll end up learning loads. There's no doubt that you'll finish your work experience having learned more about the career than you did in the first place.
  • You'll have a chance to impress your boss or anyone else that works there the way other people won't. If you apply for any jobs at a later date, they'll already know the standard of your work and how well you fit in with their team so already you've got that extra positive that other people applying for the job won't have.
  • Finally, you'll have fun - there's nothing better sitting in the offices of your dream job, trying out different roles in the company and meeting other people that work there.

There are many other benefits of work experience but that's generally the gist of it - the idea that I'm trying to put across is that it'll benefit YOU and not just the employer. So many people think work experience is just an excuse for a company to use someone for pointless errands - and sometimes you might find you do end up having work experience where you do little else - but even in cases like these, it'll still benefit you a lot. You'll also probably find that a lot of companies are so lovely to work with and will probably offer some money towards any travel costs and be quite flexible if they know you need to commute far.

So if you weren't quite sure whether to go ahead with work experience, hopefully this post has changed your mind a bit! Over the next few weeks I'll be posting about this a few more times with advice on how to find yourself work experience and how to act on work experience as well. There are so many people struggling to get their foot in the door right now and work experience is one of the few but extremely helpful methods for helping towards getting that dream job.

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Recently me and my friend went to see the film/documentary The Imposter. I hadn't heard much about it but once I watched the trailer I was intrigued. It has been described as a true american gothic horror and a unique look at the human race.

The film was based around the true story of Nicholas Barclay, a 13 year old boy from Texas who mysteriously goes missing, only to be found almost 4 years later in Spain with no explanation. Nicholas is reunited with his family but soon things are not as they seem as people begin to question what exactly happened during those four years that he was missing and why Nicholas now seems to represent someone completely different to the Nicholas that went missing.

This documentary is a fantastic and thought provoking look at how messed up people's minds really can be. I can't explain the different twists and issues included in this film without revealing what happens, but I definitely struggled to understand parts of this film and left the cinema shocked and intrigued at the true story.

I wouldn't say this film was for everyone - my friend ended up falling asleep seeing it, despite her being the one to recommend it to me! It's not like other films - it practically is a documentary and it is a true story but it still holds dark twists like any other film would. I would however recommend this film if you fancy something a bit different or if you fancy watching something that makes you think or that really gets under your skin. Just make sure you know what you're going in for when you decide to see it - aka don't go in expecting to watch a horror story or a dark thriller - it's much more than that.

Sorry this review is a little on the short side - it's so hard trying to review the film without revealing what happens!

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