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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Week of 23rd - 29th May

1. Arty building in London
2. Inside a Canal boat
3. Canal boats on the river
4. Weird dude on TV
5 & 6. Posing around after curling my hair

7. Pretty make up
8. Lots of traffic in horrible weather!

9 & 10. Posing about with my skull

1.  Arty Building in London I was in London earlier this week and saw this funky building - I just had to take a photo of it. London is filled with quirky stuff like that!

2.  Inside a Canal boat! I decided to visit the London Canal Museum whilst I was there as it was literally only around the corner from my meeting. My visit was short lived though as it turns out a school were having a field trip there so it was filled with screaming kids!
3.  Canal boats on the river Pretty huh?!
4.  Weird dude on TV My Dad loves watching old movies and I caught him watching this yesterday. I don't know what it is, all I know is that the character in question was making very weird hilarious faces. It amused me.
5 & 6.  Posing around after curling my hair Please excuse my miserable face! I rarely ever curl my hair properly as it's so thick it takes me hours and never comes out the way I want it to. However last night I managed to do it quite nice and just had to take a few photos as I was so pleased ha! Proof that I can curl it properly if I put enough effort in! Oh, also, I'm not naked in the first photo! I'm wearing a strapless top haha!
7.  Pretty make up I just really liked my eyeshadow, ha!
8.  Lots of traffic in horrible weather We went to see The Avengers today and it was SO good! We went to see it in Milton Keynes and it was so busy, this was taken just driving out of the centre, there was traffic from right outside the cinema/entertainment complex for like 10 minutes out of the centre afterwards. Madness.
9 & 10.  Posing about with my skull Yes, I own a skull. Like I said, my make up/hair looked pretty good for once so I wanted to take some photos. I uploaded the photo to Facebook and asked people to help name my skull, I got some weird suggestions! My favourite names so far are Roger (coz he has big eyes like Roger from American Dad), Maurice and Nigel Thornberry. LOL

This week I've been -

Watching...The Vampire Diaries
Reading...nothing! I've ordered a book called Married with Zombies (and it's sequels) and 50 Shades of Grey to read on holiday though!
Listening to...Train - Drive By
Playing...Draw Something on my phone
Smelling of...Harajuki Lovers Fragrance - Lil' Angel
Perving on...Pete Wentz and Andrew Goldstein
Loving...the fact that I'm officially and editor now and that I go on holiday today/tomorrow!

I've had an awesome exciting week this week! We think its all down to the fact that my Dad gave a gypsy woman a quid after she begged for money and she gave him and my Mum some lucky charms. My Mum won some money on a scratch card and my Dad got offered a job the same day! Very lucky! I've also had some EXCELLENT bloody amazing news. If you haven't already read about it all over my Facebook & Twitter (where have you been?!) - I've got a new job. Not just any old job, nope, I'd like to announce that I am now the editor of :D It's the most amazing opportunity ever and not only am I going to gain some really great contacts but it's also hopefully going to lead onto some other great opportunities. Please don't go on the website, we're re-launching it in July. There are so many perks to the job as well! Anyway as you read this I'll probably be on the plane or I'd arrived in Egypt right now (this is a scheduled post) and I can't think of a better way to spend a week relaxing before I get my bum into editorial gear. I hope you all have a lovely week and speak to you all soon!

P.S So addicted to this song right now...

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Friday, 27 April 2012

I heard about this event through Bex a while back and immediately went and found out more. Blog It For Babies takes place from Sunday 29th April to Friday 4th May and among these days, bloggers from across the UK are coming together to raise awareness and funds for the Save The Children's Built it for Babies campaign.

Blog it for Babies hope to raise money for selected equipment for a delivery room in a healthcare clinic in Bangladesh. Depending on the amount of money raised, they can provide anything from a full delivery kit containing a complete set of equipment for delivering babies, to a skilled birth attendant for a month! You can find a full list here.

There are many different ways in which you can get involved, for example some suggested methods are to donate simply £1 by text, spending 5 minutes of social sharing time to help raise awareness or just writing about the charity.

This post however is specifically about a local event that is taking place near me as part of Blog it for Babies. You can find a full schedule here and on Tuesday 1st of May, Helen from Actually Mummy has arranged an event to take place in St Albans. On the day there will be a Rock Choir Taster, lunch if she can find a sponsor, a bring and buy bake sale and a dance routine instruction from Max. There will also be some raffle prizes to be won!

Unfortunately I cannot attend as I am away on holiday that week, but without a doubt I would be attending and helping to raise money and awareness if I could! If you live locally please do consider coming along to the event and I think it would be great for all you other bloggers to get involved some how even if it's just a short retweet to help raise awareness. Do check the schedule as well as you may find an event taking place near you!

There is also a Facebook page about the event in St Albans! Please click here to find out more about the event and any upcoming changes/additions to the day!

I'm really gutted that I cannot attend!

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

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Inspire Magazine is back on Tumblr! 
If you don't know what Tumblr is, it's generally a photo reblogging website which you can use to express yourself or save images for inspiration. I have a few different Tumblr blogs each for different uses. I set up one for Inspire Magazine late last year specifically for make up/fashion images - I use a lot of the make up images for inspiration! I normally link to my personal Tumblr in my 'Be Inspired' posts as a lot of the images come from there, but despite containing a lot of inspiring images, it doesn't really fit in with the theme of Inspire Magazine and it's much more personal. I've started using the Inspire Magazine Tumblr again. This is great for you guys to log on and look at ideas for makeup or nail art and such, it's really useful.

Here's an example of some images you can find.

Very pretty!
I've also sorted out the tags as well so if you log onto the website you can scroll through a number of different images as you please. You can also add /archive on the end of the URL to find a more comprehensive view of my reblogged photos like above. However to make things easier, I've set it out like so...

Along the top you can see a list of different pages. Click on each header and you will be directed to another page of the blog filled with images tagged under that header. So if you log on and simply want some ideas on make up, just click the make up header and find all images to do with make up, instead of having to trawl through a full blog of various fashion photos. Easy!

Additionally, the 'Fashion' header will show you not just clothes inspiration, but generally other stuff that doesn't come under specific headers. This includes things like accessories, etc.

Anyway, I hope you find this as useful as I am and if any of you are on Tumblr, feel free to follow me/the blog and I'll follow you back!

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hello everyone!
I've decided to give my blog a bit of a makeover. Although I absolutely adored the previous layout, I decided to change it to this slightly more plain looking template as I feel it looks more professional. Please do let me know what you think!
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

But first of all you must promise me that you will use this information the way it is meant to be perceived - if you buy this journal then you must unleash your creative side and go wild whilst filling it out. Do not hold back. If it's not your type of thing then fair enough, just close the webpage and pop back another day when I might have posted something more to your taste :)

I didn't want to make this post. When I found this book, nestled amongst others in my ever favourite aisle of TK Maxx, I took one look at it and had to buy it. I turned the pages, smiling immediately and feeling inspired. What a quirky find! My heart beat quicker as I thought to myself how creative I could be with this project, how I can use it to represent pieces of me...okay you get the picture. Basically I was amazed. But I didn't want anyone else to know about this unusual bundle of creativity. Why? Because I found it and it was me all over. It was the perfect thing, it was arty, it was individual, it was like nothing I had ever found before. And I thought how sucky it would be if I told people about this and they tutted and rolled their eyes, deeming the whole thing immature? Or if they bought it themselves and attempted to complete it, only to never understand the true message or meaning of the project. It made me angry! Only really quirky people who would 'get it' should have the privilege of owning it.

And then I got home and had a look online and found out that it pretty much had a massive following anyway with various people of all ages beginning the project and posting their progress online, all feeling part of a rather large community.

So I thought, why not blog about it anyway?

(I was secretly glad that I found this book on my own accord, just a random amazing buy on a day out, rather then following a massive trend online!)

So, what exactly is 'Wreck This Journal'?

Wreck This Journal was created by Keri Smith and is basically a way to let go of any inhibitions and unleash your creative, destructive and daring side. The whole thing represents the fact that beauty can be found in destruction and that creativity can be found in mistakes. Each page offers a quirky suggestion or creative prompt as an idea of how to fill the pages of the book. However, the whole idea is to go against the rules - colour outside of the lines, use materials other than pens and pencils within the book, be a rebel! It's hard to explain but it's a really awesome different way to be creative.

Different pages in the books prompt you to do different things such as taking the book in the shower with you, poking holes in a page using a pencil, making a paper airplane out of a is simply amazing. It's the perfect way to let lose and be inspired. I absolutely adore it and it is the perfect gift idea! 

Here are some photos I've found showing my favourite examples of how people have completed different pages of the journal.

I kind of don't even like looking at other peoples examples because I think how much better and prettier they are than mine! I've also actually realized that you can learn a lot about yourself by doing this project...I consider myself to be creative but not THAT creative. I like to find inspiration from other things and I enjoy doing the book the way it tells me to - I could never find a completely blank page in the book and do something 100% unique and creative. I guess, in a way though, most things we do come from being inspired by something!

I really hope some of you feel inspired to do this and if so I would LOVE to see all of your progress. It's such an exciting, fun project that you'd be mad not to take part in!

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Week of 16th April - 22nd April 2012

My Big Secret Project
Everything is going to plan with a new project I've decided to go ahead with. All will be revealed soon enough, but in the meantime I thought I'd show you this gorgeous notebook I've been using for jotting down all my ideas and plans. Inside are really cute phrases about gossiping! I love it ha! This project isn't really a big secret - although it's a big project - I'm just keeping quiet about it in the meantime until I get further along with the plans. As I said, it's in the very earliest stages at the moment and I don't want loads of people knowing and to have that pressure on my shoulders when I'd like to take my time with it, thinking of the best approach to do things and so on.
I have been pretty overwhelmed with the contributions so far though! I'm not just impressed at how many people want to get involved but how many people share similar opinions and ideas like the ones I am having. This means that my project will be a success :)

Wreck This Journal
This is also something I haven't really talked about much as I thought it was such a great find. On some levels its a really personal thing and it's so cute and quirky that I wanted to keep it to myself and not let so many people know about it so to speak. I will be doing a separate post on this soon but this is just one of the pages I've done in it (it's hard to explain what it is until I create this post). But I thought this drawing I filled in on the page was pretty cute...
...mind you, I did what the book said and 'took it in the shower with me' today and it completely ruined the drawing, ha!

How cute are these?! True, they're a bit out there but I love them. I think they'd be ideal for rocking that boho/hippie look for a music festival. I'm just going to put my hands up and admit it - I'm a festival virgin. Don't get me wrong I've been to loads of gigs over the years but the closest thing I've come to a festival is watching various pop artists - including Busted and Mcfly *swoon* - perform at SUMMER XS, an all day concert that used to take place in Milton Keynes.
It's not that I haven't wanted to go to a festival because I always have - it's just finding the money/the people to go/the time off work. But one day I shall finally lose my music festival virginity and mark my words if these sandles are still for sale I will buy them for said festival!

Liqueur Chocolates 
We tried Liqueur chocolates the other night and they are SO weird. I thought it would be like an alcoholic caramel inside a chocolate but no, you bite into it and it's literally just liquid inside! Some of them were nice, some of them not so much. Definitely ideal for parties/drinking games though.

Charlie asleep on me
We went to my sisters for dinner today and to have a look at a new house she's hoping to buy (it's lovely, but the last person who lived there died in it so it's most probably haunted!) and had a lovely day. This is her cat Charlie who normally hates me but today decided to curl up on my tummy/lap and fall asleep on me! So cute!

Patterned Paper
I love my crafts and I'm constantly collecting embellishments, trinkets, papers and more. My Mum very often buys craft magazines and gives me the papers that come with them. These are the wrong size for my scrapbook so I tend to use them for loads of different other crafty stuff. I'll be using these papers to finish off my origami wish stars.

Another French Film to add to my collection
Yes, I am learning French, yes I love France and yes, I admit it, I do think watching French films makes me more cultured. I've been meaning to watch this for SO long, especially after we visited the famous cafe/street that appeared in the film whilst we were in Paris. Well, we stumbled across it anyway. However, typical me, I borrowed it from my sister and then got home to find the disc wasn't even inside the case. *sigh*
This week I've been...

Watching... The Office and 2 Broke Girls (I haven't decided if I like it yet or not)
Reading...nothing! I'm trying to save my books for holiday but I really fancy reading that 'Fifty Shades of Grey' that everyone is on about. I think I'll order it for holiday.
Listening to...Mayday Parade - Miserable at Best & Something Corporate - Down
Playing...Draw Something on my phone
Smelling of...Harajuki Lovers Fragrance - Lil' Angel
Perving on...Josh Franceschi & John Kraskinski 
Loving...all my upcoming career plans and the fact that I go on holiday next week!
It's been a very exciting week this week in terms of career/life plans. As well as my own project beginning to take off, I've also been invited down to London on Tuesday to be part of another really exciting ongoing project. Despite my Mum being a bit iffy about me going (she genuinely thinks that I'm going to get sex trafficked out of the country!) I'm really looking forward to it. It's an amazing opportunity, will gain me so many contacts and will hopefully lead onto some other great things. Plus - it's all based in London! I'm hoping to go down a bit early on Tuesday and make a day of it. I'll tell you all more about it when I'm back.
I've also been getting ready for holiday, getting my last bits and bobs and such. This time next week I should be there! It actually couldn't have come at a better time - both me and my sister need a relaxing break away as she's had so much stress lately and with moving it's going to be a tough couple of months - and I'm going to be so busy after this. I'll really be getting my head down when I'm home but in the meantime a relaxing holiday soaking up the sun it's perfect. Plus the weather has been absolutely horrendous here, raining and hail stoning constantly, even with a bit of thunder!
I've been out and about with some friends this week too and we're planning to hopefully go camping sometime this summer.
I'm feeling really excited about all my upcoming plans and projects :)

I hope you all had a lovely week also :)

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