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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

There's not much to blog about recently I'm afraid! I've actually spent my time since Christmas trying to sort out my social life - with being away for uni for three years I've drifted apart from a lot of friends and over Christmas I spent some time finding out who my real friends are. Since then I've been making more effort with some good friends and trying to make some new ones so I've been trying to get out a lot more which leaves less time for blogging! I've also been getting my head down and trying to sort out the next step of my life after uni. I've been applying for internships left right and centre as well as constantly hunting for jobs that are anything to do with Magazine Journalism.

So between all this and having the flu last week, I've been having a bit of writers block. I've struggled to think of things to blog about. I don't define this blog as strictly a beauty blog because I only do the odd beauty related post here and there. I like to do posts about my lifestyle but I don't like to have too many of these posts. So I have struggled a bit! If anyone has any ideas on what posts you'd like to see more of then please do let me know!

Anyway I've decided my DVD collection is a bit slack these days so last week I went on a shopping spree on and ordered a bunch of my favourite films. I'll show you all what I bought, just in case anyone is after a new film to buy. All of these films I have absolutely loved, so I've been watching a lot of them over the weekend.

How I Met Your Mother Seasons 3-4 
I know this isn't a film but who can resist a bit of HIMYM?!
Nick & Norah's Infinate Playlist
This isn't strictly speaking a typical rom-com - but its great nonetheless
You Again
Chalet Girl
Going The Distance
Kate & Leopold
What's Your Number
This is fast becoming one of my favourite ever movies plus Chris Evans - yum!

Hope you're all well and expect some more regular blog posts soon :)

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Friday, 27 January 2012

This week I'm featuring a website that really makes me think WTF?! I'm not even entirely sure what it is or how the craze has gotten so big but all I know that it is absolutely hilarious.

So basically this website features photos of actor, author and journalist Ross Kemp and they've taken these photos and er, folded them up. Then they've posted the very weird results with hilarious descriptions.

If you're bored you'll end up giggling at this website for hours, trust me. Do not go on it when you are about to go to sleep as some of the photos are pretty freaky!

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This blog post is a bit different! I hope you all like it and take into account what I have said as I'd like to start posting more posts like this in future.

Just before Christmas I saw this article.

This sad story is about a boy, Simon Foxley, who committed suicide after a girl he was attracted to ignored him and defriended him on Facebook, and her friends sent threatening messages to him. Reading this made me feel really sad and ashamed because although I’ve never been affected so badly by this type of thing happening, I have been on both ends of the spectrum here.

I think a lot of readers of this blog can admit to ignoring a guy after he comes across just too eager. Even though I’ve been on the receiving end of this treatment, I’m ashamed to say that I have many times expressed my interest in a guy and, instead of telling him so firmly when I change my mind about him, I’ve instead ‘phased him out’, ignoring his messages until he gets the message.

However, I often get angry when people treat me with the same treatment. There have been times when I’ve been getting on extremely well with a guy and genuinely just clicked with him, only to find him ignoring me for no apparent reason not long afterwards. I’ve expressed confusion to friends in these situations many times, trying to work out whether continuing to contact him just in case (just in case he’s lost my number, just in case he didn’t get my last message and so on) would be deemed too desperate. In fact on a regular basis I rant to anyone who will listen how sucks it is dating in modern society. If I’m convinced everything is going well and a guy ignores me, why shouldn’t I contact him again and find out why? I often think if I knew what had gone wrong, I’d know not to repeat the mistake with others in future – if it was me who had made that mistake that is.

So I definitely know what its like to for someone to show interest and then ignore me all of a sudden. Furthermore, I can relate to Simon Foxley on how he may have felt – on some level. The article states that Simon had already been thinking of committing suicide and that being ignored and receiving bullying messages simply pushed him over the edge. I have never been in a situation where I’ve considered suicide as an option, but I can relate to him on other levels. What girl hasn’t felt down about being single? Who hasn’t been in a situation where, after another failed relationship, had their feelings messed around with and have wanted to give up – not on life but on dating?

So if we know this, why do we do exactly the same thing? We never stop to consider what another person may be going through because of course it never crosses our minds that by pressing delete on a message without a reply may be the last of many ignored messages that only pushes someone over the edge.

The article also talks about messages Simon received from the girl’s friends. It’s natural for friends to rally in and protect someone after they are bombarded with messages – if your friend was receiving messages from someone they’d never met, claiming to be in love with them, you’d no doubt worry about them. But sending threatening messages was obviously too far when perhaps just a firm message asking to be left alone would have been much better.

Nonetheless, as sad as this story is, reactions to the messages Simon was clearly sending to this girl are obviously debatable. No one deserves threatening messages, no matter what the circumstances are. However, the article states that Simon was obviously a sensitive person who was already thinking about suicide and was claiming to be in love with a girl he had never met. Sometimes when people don’t get the message, people DO have to be less polite, especially if they are worried about their safety.
Luckily, when I posted a poll about this situation on this blog, most of you voted that the best way to deal with someone in this situation is to tell them firmly that you are not interested, which is probably the best way to do so. It gives an obvious message, whereas being too nice could be interpreted as giving off the wrong impression.

Perhaps without these messages Simon would have sadly went on to take his own life anyway. Or perhaps among the thousands of messages exchanged – some of them talking about being in love – Simon came across as so eager that he scared the girl, especially not leaving her alone when she stopped to reply. When someone is already considering suicide it’s extremely hard to know how to deal with the situation, so who knows what would have happened without the further threatening messages.
However, it should always be remembered that none of us are ever 100% aware of what is going on with someone’s life. We’ve all been on the receiving end of the phase out and in turn we’ve all done it ourselves. Maybe ignoring that guy that sent just too many messages made no difference and he just accepted it wasn’t right and went on about his day anyway. But maybe ignoring him could have been the final straw or the last example of the cold shoulder after what had already been an extremely bad day.
So remember, if you are ever in this situation, it never hurts to explain to someone that you are not interested. You could offer to be friend instead, or you can just clarify that you’d like to stay single. And if they still don’t get the message and you feel like you are in danger then you should confide in someone else about how to deal with the situation. But there’s never any need to be rude, because you never know what is really going on with that person.

If you are in a situation like this - whether you are sending the messages or you are on the receiving end -  you can talk to Samaritans for confidential support, help or advice on 08457 90 90 90.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Just a quick post to apologize about the lack of posts recently. My internet was cut off and I've also been suffering from a nasty cold (and a few too many hangovers too, I admit) so blogging wasn't really a possibility. Anyway, I'm just about recovering now and my internet is back on so expect blogging to be back to normal again. Hope you are all well :)

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

By our guest blogger Laura Lowe

You know what? Pictures speak a thousand words, so I'm going to show, rather then tell you, what we've been up to recently. You can decide for yourselves whether it has been successful!

This is our attempt at 'Save The Date' cards on a budget...

...back to the drawing board I think!

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Monday, 9 January 2012

This is just a quick reminder to let you all know that I am on various different social networking websites! So if any of you are on twitter or love tumblr etc then feel free to have a gander or follow me (I'll follow back!) or even just have a nosey at my mundane daily thoughts :) I have also set up (yet another) personal blog, as I felt the old one became too biased about dating/my breakup. This one is just to post anything that doesn't really belong on this blog and there isn't much on there yet!

Inspire Magazine's Social Network Websites
(which is open to general questions but also if anyone is looking for advice as well!)

Come stalk me :)

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Vikki from Victoria's Vintage has kindly agreed to do a guest blog about how you can save money and win loads of goodies by entering various amounts of competitions. As a self confessed money saver myself, I am always looking for ways to get discount codes, win goodies and save money. I often browse on websites like Money Saving Expert and in the process have found that competition entering is a legitimate working way to save money. Competitions don't always consist of 1 in a million chances of winning an exotic holiday aka something you think you have no chance of winning like most people do. As Vikki explains, by entering smaller low key competitions you are more likely to win. Many companies constantly post about these competitions on Facebook or their websites and often offer freebies whether you win or not. Lots of websites are also dedicated to listing competitions that you are very likely to win and as always everyone knows that you don't even have a chance unless you enter!

So I asked Vikki a few questions about how she wins so much, as anyone who follows her blog knows she is constantly winning freebies!

Do you have a method behind entering competitions?
I do generally only enter competitions that I want to win, or that I know my close family or friends would love. However sometimes I do end up winning the 'runner up' prize which isn’t so wanted! I enter competitions as often as I can. I used to do them everyday but they are very time consuming, finding them and entering all your details. I still do as many as possible.
What websites do you use to enter competitions?
I tend to use Facebook to enter a lot of competitions. You can often win prizes by 'liking' a status or photo on a company’s fan page. I also enter competitions from magazine websites etc. There are also websites that list competitions available but there are so many! If I’m after something in particular, I Google it. E.g. 'Clothes show tickets competition'.
Do you enter any comps any other ways such as offline?
I rarely do. But sometimes in stores they have leaflets, which I often pick up. I don’t bother doing any by post or raffles or anything though.
Some people complain that it's not fair entering competitions unless you REALLY want a prize, saying that if you're not going to use the prize you should instead not enter and give other people a chance. What would you say to that?
Yeah I agree. I don’t like to see people winning prizes, which are useless to them when someone else would adore it. For example, people entering competitions for children’s toys or baby items when they don’t even have a child. These prizes are often sold on for profit rather than being appreciated. That is why I only enter competitions that I would love to win. It’s also a waste of time entering for something you don’t even want! And it’s nice to be able to say that I LOVE all of the prizes I've won.
What's the best and worst prize you've ever won?
The best prize I have won is probably my trip to London. The prize was worth almost £1000 as it included transport, accommodation in Hyde Park for 2 nights, and 5* meals for 2 people. I had such a wonderful time! The most useful prize is my phone which I still use everyday. And one of my favourite prizes is my Cath Kidston Tea Set or Roberts Vintage Radio. The worst prizes are probably a 'emotional eating kit' whatever that is, and some coffee as I hate coffee! The weirdest was this creepy child’s dress up outfit. I have no idea how I even won that!
What advice would you give to people wanting to do this?
It takes a lot of time and effort, so don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. But don’t give up. Always look out for spam sites. And have a 'junk mail' email address separate from your normal account. Also I never provide my telephone number unless is it is a VERY reputable company. Also, always thank the promoter who offers you your prize
And finally would you say this saves you money? Even if you enter comps just for yourself, would you say that somebody like a student could finance their Christmas by basically winning all the presents they'll be giving away to their family?
Lol if a lot of time was put in, I’m sure some people do try and win their Christmas. But yes it has saved me a lot of money over the years, and it has allowed me to have treats that I would never be able to afford myself usually.

Thanks Vikki!

If you'd like to find out more about this money saving method then this forum here posts competitions and has guides on how to regularly enter and win! I would suggest checking it out and also following Vikki's advice. Create a separate email address for all your competition entries, even if you are only entering a few (you wouldn't believe the amount of junk mail you can get!) and remember you are more likely to win a small companies prize then a heavily advertised competition which has a lavish prize up for grabs. This method, much like using cashback websites or using survey websites can be time consuming and you are more likely to win the more effort and time you put into it. It's definitely worth putting one day aside a week to do this, or, if you prefer, an hour each evening. Good luck! 

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Friday, 6 January 2012

I've decided to do this new weekly (hopefully, we'll see how often I find awesome stuff!) feature! I'm usually browsing the internet randomly when I can't sleep and often find pretty cool websites, videos etc. So I thought I'd start doing a feature on an awesome 'Fab Find' each Friday!

I've seen these floating around the internet for ages now and saved my favourite ones after having a browse on the website too. These are hilarious!

(This is me all over! If I'm in a relationship that isn't dysfunctional then chances are I'm not as into you as you think I am, haha!)

(Future rock star boyfriend - take note!)

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