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Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas in London & The London Dungeons

There is nothing more beautiful than Christmas in London. The cold weather paired with the festive lights and decorations is just the nicest way to spend a winter evening this Christmas and I must say, I'm forever thankful at living so close to the city, especially at this time of year. Ever since I was little, my sister has always taken me out in London to celebrate my birthday with some form of surprise, and I think that's probably what has caused me to love the city so much during winter.

London is also great during winter because there is so many things to do - most of which are seasonal. There's ice skating at Somerset House or you could visit a real Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. There are even bus tours that take you around the city at night specifically to see all the various lights and decorations all around the city. There's always something to do for the whole family and there's always something for everyone - be it traditional, quirky or contemporary.

One of the first times my sister took me for a special birthday surprise in London, she took me to the London Dungeons, which has since become a firm favourite attraction of mine, so much so that I must have been for a total of at least six times over the years since. Although I actually celebrated my birthday surprise in London with my sister this weekend just gone - which I will blog about - I was also offered the opportunity to pop down to London and visit the Dungeons to blog about them recently, which I accepted without hesitation. Despite having gone so many times before, the Dungeons NEVER get old or boring for me and it's always a little bit different at London so this blog post is why I'd suggest paying them a visit this Christmas.

Please note, any photos on this post are not mine but were found via Google or the official Dungeons website. Photography within the Dungeons is prohibited and although I would have loved to take some photos whilst lining up inside, where you are allowed to take photos, my camera had already died and unfortunately my iPhone doesn't take good quality photos on the dark. Apologies! 

I LOVE visiting the Dungeons and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone - especially at Christmas. They offer that perfect mix of learning about London's gory past but with lots of jumps, scares and fun in the process. It really is something quite different with various actors taking on historical characters and scary sets that have astounding attention to detail. It's like a live show that you are part of but it's so much fun. As well as learning about things such as The Great Fire, Jack The Ripper and Sweeny Todd, there are also 'rides' within the Dungeons walls such as a boat ride and a drop ride. All in all, it's a real laugh exploring around the Dungeons and despite having been so many times myself, I never get bored as there is always something new to learn. They're continually taking on new parts of London's history or adding on to the whole interactive experience that it never gets boring.

What I really love though is how it's so interactive with the audience - the characters joke around with you all, pulling people up for a mock trail to reflect how things were settled in courtrooms during the 18th century. There is up to 14 shows on the 90 minute tour, including 'Fog Freeze' which is new for this winter. At Christmas they also have a slightly odd 'Santa' who gives you gory gifts! What's also great is how the actors will take note of their audience too - if there are little children on the particular tour, they'll take note and lessen the jumps, instead making the show a bit more humorous. Likewise if you're all adults, they try to scare you more! But I'd still say the Dungeons has something for everyone - it's not scared out of your wits scary, instead it's very humorous and is definitely the type of thing to go to in a group. It really is so much fun and better yet - it's cheap!

You can save up to 20% when booking in advance online, and the Dungeons are literally right next to London Bridge Station, so it's all easily accessible. Despite always being busy, you never have to wait long either.

I've also heard that the Dungeons are genuinely haunted too which is interesting! Over all I really love the Dungeons, the attention to detail is just spectacular and the way everything comes together to create a spooky and on edge atmosphere is amazing. I'd definitely recommend the Dungeons this Christmas if you're ever in London.

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