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Friday, 28 December 2012

Bubbledogs Review

As explained in this post, every December my sister takes me into London for a birthday surprise and each time she always thinks of something quirky or different to do. I always end up having an amazing day as somehow my sister seems to know me better than I even know myself and these little trips are somewhat the reason I adore London so much. So on the 15th me and my sister headed into London for the first part of my birthday surprise - getting some yummy food.

We're both pretty obsessed with hot dogs so she arranged for us to grab a bite to eat at top London restaurant Bubbledogs. It's this really cute quirky place - it's all American themed and is centered around a hot dogs and champagne menu! I love the idea behind of it and couldn't wait to get there as already I'd heard many people raving about it.

She warned me in advance that there would be a small chance we wouldn't get in, being that Bubbledogs is very much an 'IT' restaurant at the moment and they don't take bookings for people in small groups. Nonetheless we got there a bit early and saw that no one was yet lining up before it was open, so headed around the corner to get a quick drink until it opened its doors. Clearly we were mistaken though because when we walked back at 5:30pm, there was a long line to get in! So we knew the food must good! We were very lucky because we got the last two seats in the house thankfully.

We were ushered in and took our seats and were presented with our menu's. The restaurant had a really American feel to it - it had just brick walls with various drawings on the walls, each in random different sized photo frames. It very much made me think of an arty Brooklyn apartment! It was small but very cosy with a lovely friendly atmosphere. The menu had a wide range of gourmet hot dogs, including a special Christmas one, each with Americanized names. I ordered the classic Sloppy Joe hot dog and despite the fact that I don't even like chilli, it was delicious! Between us, myself and my sister also ordered all three sides - coleslaw, tots (hash browns) and sweet potato fries. Let me tell you, the hash browns are absolutely to die for! I don't even like hash browns either but hand on heart they were one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted in my life and my tummy rumbles just thinking about them. The hot dog was delicious too obviously and I found that even though you're only really eating a hot dog - perhaps with sides if you order them - it's just the right amount. Surprisingly enough for what looks like not much it was really, really filling. 

The food arrived in little classic red plastic baskets and I really loved how the food was very much finger food. Apart from a fork with our coleslaw, we were given no cutlery. Being that it was such a stark contrast drinking it with classy champagne, I really loved this. It was just so quirky and different - the idea of messy hot dogs that you can buy on a street corner, eaten with celebratory champagne - it was really cool. It was also perfect for London which is a city that constantly has contemporary and edgy restaurants popping up everywhere.

I looked on foursquare not long after leaving and found loads of other people raving about the Sloppy Joe's hot dog (clearly I chose well!) and the 'Tots'. I also read that apparently a lot of the staff are trained mixologists so paired with the fact that I thought the staff were very friendly, I could definitely see this being the type of place where you set up shop at the bar after eating and just spend an evening in a friendly/relaxing atmosphere drinking. It actually wasn't too expensive either, obviously it cost more than your average pub grub meal but I think considering the fact that you're paying for champagne and having such a different experience, the price is more than worth it. The restaurant also provides take out if it's too busy to sit in.

It's a very popular restaurant at the moment and although I think all the fuss will die down eventually once the idea is not so 'new', I believe the delicious food and quirky theme to it will definitely keep it a success. It was without a doubt a great experience and I'll definitely be dropping in again next time I'm in London!

Hot Dog Joint
70 Charlotte Street


  1. until the hype dies down, why not save the queues and try and make it yourself at home! just check out my blog post here and see how i did it

    1. I love this! I never even considered the idea of attempting to make it all myself at home (I'm not a very good cook!). But the fact that you've posted recipes for the exact hot dog I had and those heavenly tater tots really makes me want to try them, especially as you're so specific and it's not just a recipe for 'any old hot dog or hash browns'. Thanks so much for this! I will attempt to recreate it and let you know how I get on :) xxx


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