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Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekend Away in Bruges

Over the weekend myself, my sister and my mum went to Bruges, Belgium for a lovely girly weekend away over Christmas. It was a really nice city break - we went Friday to Sunday afternoon and came back feeling very much in the Christmas spirit! Overall it was really cheap too as we travelled by eurostar, something I continually recommend to people. It's such a cheap, quick and easy way to travel - it's so stress free and easier then flying! The whole journey took about half a day which was perfect because we left early and arrived in Bruge for the afternoon, meaning we still had time to look around, rather then spending the whole day wasted by traveling.

Bruge is the most beautiful city ever - it's so oldy wordly and filled with narrow cobbled streets and small local bars - it's really ideal for weekend breaks, especially over Christmas when everyone has their decorations up. For a start, the buildings were just amazing. They were all different with odd roofs and most with a victorian feel - it was like walking around in a different time era!

We went at just the right time - the Christmas markets were just starting and it was really like walking through a magical world with so many beautiful fairy lights and decorations everywhere.

In the center they had a beautiful Christmas market which was filled with stalls selling decorations, local beer and Bailey's hot chocolate - yummy! There was also a lovely ice skating rink and it all looked so pretty and seasonal lit up at night with Christmas music blasting out too.

Attraction wise there wasn't actually much to do there other than looking around museums and shopping - but it's such a nice town just for sight seeing. In Bruges there are two main town squares and everything is in walking distance with sleepy boutiques and shops in side streets leading off each center.

This post was just to show you some pretty photos of the picturesque town - all throughout the weekend I couldn't stop commenting about how beautiful it was! Later during the week I'll put another post up explaining more about what we got up to and our recommendations for where you should visit should you ever choose to come here. We found Bruges to be a very expensive town but luckily found some cheap and affordable places to eat!

P.S Feel free to check out the travel tag for some more travel related posts!

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  1. Oh wow, it looks so different in the winter but just as beautiful! I think I need to revisit over Christmas :)


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