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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hairdressing at Salon B

Tonight's post is all about a little secret I'm going to tell you all - my favourite place to get my hair done at. Us ladies all have secret gems from our favourite hidden away independent shops to the places to get the yummiest coffee and/or hot chocolate. And most of these places are discovered through word of mouth or recommendations from friends or family members because you trust their judgement.

Well tonight I'm going to tell you about Salon B - a place where I've always gotten my hair done for beyond cheap but always with amazing results. I'm aware that not all of you live local but the message behind this post will hopefully still apply to you in that this salon is actually run by a college and the hairdressers that cut and style your hair are actually students!

Now I know originally if someone had recommended me to go and get my hair cut with someone that is still learning I would never have followed through with their recommendation so I can understand why anyone reading this might be wary. I love my hair. And I mean I love my hair. I love dying it different colours or if I can, going for extreme cuts, so the idea that someone who may not be fully trained might raise their scissors to my beautiful hair does scare me.

But oddly enough, I've had some of my best haircuts at Salon B and have actually found that as the students are still learning, it means I've been more relaxed knowing that they've had more than necessary proper training in all different skills and lessons in cutting hair. When you book to get your hair done at Salon B, it is always cut by the level 3 students who have the most experience and you might even find that they have more experience than hairdressers in another salon you might have seen or a friend of the family for example. Everything they do is also overlooked by a professional teacher to make sure that they are qualified to make a particular cut or apply a certain dye for example.

Salon B at Barnfield college, Luton, also offers extremely affordable pricing with a ladies cut & blow dry starting from only £8.50 and a full head tint only costing £18.00. It is also obviously a salon so offers beauty treatments such as facials, hand & foot treatments, eyebrow and eyelash treatments, hair removal, cleansing and makeup treatments and a variety of different massages or body treatments. As well as offering student discount (to current students at the college), it also runs a variety of different discounts and special offers throughout the year. For example, at the moment they are offering 30% discount from a full head tint with a cut & style/blow dry thrown in for free.

I am terrible with my hair, constantly dying it different colours (over the years I've been blonde, black, brunette, red, purple, ginger and god knows what else) and trying different hairdressers but I continually find myself coming back to Salon B, ever since I was a student at the college myself. I never cease to be amazed at just how excellent they are with their treatments, in the past I've walked in with long, boring brown/red hair and walked out with short, styled and choppy blonde hair, all costing me less than £40. Aside from the fact that the salon has just had a swish makeover (it's looking very classy and relaxing and spa like these days!), the students are beyond friendly, constantly checking you are okay and talking you through every step they do.

Furthermore, what I love about the salon isn't just about the excellent haircuts I've ended up with by going there. For me I've always loved how great they've made or even 'fixed' my hair when I've walked in with it in a terrible condition thanks to constantly attempting to dye it myself at home. I know whenever I've ruined my hair with too much dye or have cut it wrong, they will never fail to fix it and get it in another great condition.

So with those reasons above and also the fact that it's so cheap, I would without a doubt recommend Salon B to anyone local! If you're not local, I hope this post has helped you realize that might be worth visiting your local college to see if they offer anything similar if they do any hair and beauty courses. A lot of colleges (and salons, I know Tony & Guy do) also offer free haircuts if you are willing to be a 'model' for their students/hairdressers to practice or try out new styles on. It's really cheap and I definitely hope after reading this post you have considered trying this option, even if it seems a bit risky, it can actually work out not only cheaper but also much better than going to a well known branded salon.

Salon B
New Bedford Road Campus
New Bedford Road

Barnfield college also have an actual salon in Harpenden too.


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