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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday Wishlist - My dream gig wardrobe

So because the gig is a week today, I've spent days trawling the internet for inspiration on what to wear next Wednesday. Despite the fact I can hardly afford any of this stuff, I've found it helpful to look at to decide what to wear out of what I already own, or to decide what goes with the few tops I've already bought. It's been ages since I've done a Wednesday wish list and I've actually got a lot of gigs on my wish list too, so I thought it would be nice to do a post for old times sake. So here's my Wednesday wish list for my dream gig wardrobe - aka lots of dark, quirky and alternative stuff. Enjoy!

Frock and Frill Embellished Shift Dress, Republic, £60.00
I love this dress, although it's a bit pricey and wouldn't really be suitable for the particular gig I'm going to. I think this dress is perfect for attending one of those smaller casual performances where rather then moshing in the crowd, you watch the performance from the bar or whatever. I never usually go for stuff like this but I think it's kind of quirky without being too over the top. It would look great with a pair of black heels and just the minimum jewellery, perhaps a dangly bracelet but that's all.

Glamorous Stud Shoulder T-shirt, Republic, £24.00
I love this t-shirt because it's so basic which means it's perfect for when you're rocking out. The studded shoulders means its bang on trend and whilst everyone else will probably be in plain black vest tops, it makes you stand out a little. I'd wear this with denim hot pants, biker boots and lots of big, silver dangly bracelets.

Petites Gold Embellished Shorts, Miss Selfridge, £48.00
I could never pull these off, but the idea of wearing a really 'out there' pair of shorts is my dream! These are really cute and would really make you stand out - I'd wear these with just a simple white or cream top and heels of course. I think the gold contrasting with the black is a really nice nod to the rocker look but still being a bit feminine in the process.

Thread and Chain Mini Skull Bracelet, Accessorize, £4.00
I absolutely adore this bracelet and will probably go on to purchase it myself! I think it's so cute and basic but the little skull just makes it perfect for a gig or to give your look an edge. This would look great with anything!

Studded nails, worn by The Nailasaurus
I love these nails - I think they're so edgy and different! I would never have the time and patience to do these but if I did I would definitely be fashioning my nails like this to the gig.

What about you? What do you normally wear to a gig? Do you go all out, make a bit of effort or just dress normally? Let me know and keep an eye out for an outfit post of what I do decide to wear eventually!

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