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Monday, 3 September 2012

The Imposter Review

Recently me and my friend went to see the film/documentary The Imposter. I hadn't heard much about it but once I watched the trailer I was intrigued. It has been described as a true american gothic horror and a unique look at the human race.

The film was based around the true story of Nicholas Barclay, a 13 year old boy from Texas who mysteriously goes missing, only to be found almost 4 years later in Spain with no explanation. Nicholas is reunited with his family but soon things are not as they seem as people begin to question what exactly happened during those four years that he was missing and why Nicholas now seems to represent someone completely different to the Nicholas that went missing.

This documentary is a fantastic and thought provoking look at how messed up people's minds really can be. I can't explain the different twists and issues included in this film without revealing what happens, but I definitely struggled to understand parts of this film and left the cinema shocked and intrigued at the true story.

I wouldn't say this film was for everyone - my friend ended up falling asleep seeing it, despite her being the one to recommend it to me! It's not like other films - it practically is a documentary and it is a true story but it still holds dark twists like any other film would. I would however recommend this film if you fancy something a bit different or if you fancy watching something that makes you think or that really gets under your skin. Just make sure you know what you're going in for when you decide to see it - aka don't go in expecting to watch a horror story or a dark thriller - it's much more than that.

Sorry this review is a little on the short side - it's so hard trying to review the film without revealing what happens!

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