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Friday, 21 September 2012

Fitness Friday!

At the start of this year, I decided I wanted to try and tone up and be a bit more healthy. Well, I decide that every year really! A few months ago I was looking through some pictures and realized I had put on weight between last year and now. It was nothing major - in fact in one photo from last year I think I look a bit too thin, but I can't deny the fact that I miss my body being the way it was. Generally, I'm quite happy with my body. I love my curves. I really, really love them - they make me feel sexy and womanly and I wouldn't get rid of them for the world. But ideally, I'd like to just tone up - lose a bit of face fat, lose a bit of arm fat and just have a flatter tummy. But overall? My main goal has been to just be a bit more healthy. For someone who doesn't do any exercise and eats so much junk food, weight aside, I can't physically be in the best health I could be.

So recently I decided to finally do something about it. Over the past six months, I have dabbled in yoga which I do enjoy and I've gone for a few weeks on end managing at least half hour or so on Just Dance (so much fun!) - both of these are things I'll still continue to do but not to a specific schedule!

I know fitness and being healthy is a subject that interests a lot of girls - we have such unhealthy ideas of what weight we should be and how we should look that we often forget that the important thing is actually to just be happy and healthy as we are. So I've decided to start a new feature on this blog called Fitness Friday (original, right?!) where on a Friday I'll be posting about anything to do with being more fit and healthy. I hope it's something that interests you all!

Running is something I've especially wanted to get into. And I hate running. But when I hear people talk about how relaxing it is and how good they feel after a run, I feel motivated and I want to go out and run. Therefore I purchased myself a little running kit and began to get into running earlier this summer. I bought myself some proper running headphones because headphones always fall out of my ears and a little arm band velcro thing so I can run with my iPod or iPhone safely with me. This was mainly for music and apps to help track my runs.

Although I'll be posting about all sorts of fitness related things over the next few months and will be posting about running again, I thought as this is just an introductory post to this new feature, it would be a nice idea to talk about what happened on my first run only a few months ago.

Thursday 19th July 2012

Today I went for my first jog! I got myself all kitted up, grabbed Jasper and headed out. I was feeling a bit nervous admittedly - I thought I looked like a bit of an idiot in what I was wearing and that I'd end up looking really funny when I was running! I love taking Jasper out because I feel less self concious and also, bless him, he's getting old so he's not as fast as he used to be. He runs at just the right pace for a beginner like me, and of course he's a dog so he's constantly stopping to sniff things. This is good as it means I can take loads of breaks without feeling guilty! It was actually really nice, I alternated between jogging and walking - I did more walking than jogging without a doubt but it's still a start. Once I got going I didn't feel nervous anymore and I did start to feel a bit relaxed - it was nice to clear my head. I also finally got to put my Zombies Run App to good use which I found absolutely hilarious. Seriously, people must have thought I was mad as I jogged along, giggling and talking to myself (answering the guy on the app). But I loved it, I really think it's the coolest App ever - I'll post about this soon!

Then on my way home something strange happened. Being that this is pretty much my first run in at least five years, I wasn't looking good. I had no makeup on, I was in really boring jogging clothes (lots of grey), my hair was a mess and I was just about ready to collapse - and it showed. So this dude drives past me staring at me, but I think nothing of it. Next thing I know, a few minutes later, he's turned his car around, drove up the road and pulled up beside me to offer me his number! I kid you not! I don't think I look good at the best of times, but to have someone actually turn their car around after checking me out ON A JOG is pretty weird. I was slightly scared of course (but also a bit chuffed). It's definitely motivated me to go out again though! To think, I end up pulling on my first jog in five years...not bad!

The best feeling was just knowing that I pushed myself to get up and do it for the first time. It felt good that I took that first step and it made me feel really confident too. I didn't ache much as obviously it was my first run/jog so I barely pushed myself at all - but I did feel good about myself just knowing that I'd made the effort to do some form of healthy work out!

Do you go for runs? Is a weekly fitness feature on this blog something you'd be interested in?

P.S Check back next Friday for another inspiring post about about becoming & being more fit and healthy or have a look at the Fitness tag!

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