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Friday, 28 September 2012

Fitness Friday - Zombies, Run! App

For someone who is obsessed with zombies and has recently gotten into running too, this amazing app mixed the two perfectly. I was so excited to discover this app and downloaded it immediately - eager to get out running and using it. This app is one thing that really helped motivate me over the summer and helped push me to get out running more.

The general gist of the app is that you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and you listen to this app as you work out - whether that be by walking, jogging, running or even cycling. The story unfolds between your different music tracks (so you can still listen to your music) and as you run you discover more of the storyline, which instructs you to keep running or even in some cases speed up further as there are zombies chasing you!

It is a really original idea - not anything I've heard of before - and I've found it really motivating. Because the story is ongoing, it pushes you to go for other runs as well as each mission unfolds more of the ongoing story. As you run you collect supplies which can then be added to your base in the app - you can watch as the hospital or armoury level up as you apply supplies to them. You discover new characters, each of which motivate you as well.

Additionally, your runs are saved not only on the app but also on the website, if you sync your account. The app will show you how long your run was, how many calories you've burned and also a brief summary of what actually happened on your 'mission' - the characters you met, the supplies you picked up etc. If you choose to sync your account, you can log on and see each mission/run in detail via the website. Here you'll see a map of where you ran and even pinpoints to where each event within the story occurred on your run. It also displays comprehensive graphs of your pace throughout your run, and how fast you were going at these points. Awesome right?!

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Details on the website of my first run, click image to enlarge
I really loved using this app and it's made me go from someone who used to dread running in high school to now actually enjoying it.

Zombies, Run! is available on iPhone, Android & Windows Phone. //

P.S Check back next Friday for another inspiring post about about becoming & being more fit and healthy or have a look at the Fitness tag!

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  1. If I had an iPhone or a smartphone I would be on this app like a zombie on a human (that sounded better before I typed it), but I don't so I'm kinda gutted. Maybe I'll just have to let my imagination run wild... excuse the pun.

    Charlotte xo


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