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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sky Ride in Milton Keynes

This post is a bit different but I thought it was the perfect introductory post for a new feature I'm hoping to begin. I'll explain more on Friday but health and fitness is a subject I've wanted to approach for a while on this blog. With wanting to 'tone up' myself and wanting to become overall a bit more healthy, I thought it would be a nice idea to blog about how I try and change my lifestyle - the different methods I use, the results they give and finally my opinion about them. It's not always easy to stay healthy in everyday life in between work, socialising, blogging and more and we all know it's going to get a bit harder with winter coming up (I for one simply hibernate as soon as it gets cold!), so I think it's definitely something that will interest all you readers.

On Friday I'll also go on to explain how toning up and becoming more healthy is my main aim through out this feature and how to do it healthily without starving yourself or dieting.

This weekend is the Sky Ride in Milton Keynes, which is one of many events arranged to help people get on their bikes and have a bit of fun. The different events are collaborative between Sky and British Cycling and have been going for about four years since Sky & British Cycling first worked together to inspire the nation to become fans of cycling.

What they have done is arrange different Sky Ride events around the country to help people come together and partake. The events are taking place all over the country and offer free bike riding participation from weekly local rides to bigger events like the one this weekend. The rides are available to people of all ages and abilities, and you are welcome to cycle as much or as little of the route as you wish.

I am personally quite a fan of bike riding - it's something I always loved to do when I was little and it's something I've recently picked up again with my sister. My sister lives in the countryside and a few times we have gone on bike rides around the area, taking in the beautiful views and getting fit in the process. It's something I've really enjoyed and since getting some bikes at Christmas (which I need to get a new seat for the girls one because it really really hurts my bum), I enjoy going on the occasional bike ride alone.

Although I do like going out by myself (I love blasting my iPod whilst out), I know that cycling is something I'd partake in more if I actually had someone to do it with. Likewise, I don't actually know many nice routes around my area.

This is why I'm looking so forward to participating in the event this Sunday. I think it's a really nice idea as it's a great way to meet other cyclists and discover some new routes in the process. The website I used to sign up for the event was great too as it gave you the option to search for different local events and even search for and add biker buddies and groups. This is a really nice way to find some other people to ride with and you can also see who else will be attending your local event.

I'm really eager to get out on Sunday and make another start on my 'get fit/get healthy' routine. It's something I've wanted to blog about for a while and at some point last month I was even going on two short runs/jogs a week (*gasp* yes, me, the laziest person in the world!) but then I fell down some stairs drunk and hurt my ankle, so running hasn't really been on the cards for me lately. Kids, don't drink in high heels...nonetheless, it's just about feeling better now so going on this bike ride on Sunday will be a nice way to get back into the fitness thing without putting too much pressure on my ankle.

If you're interested in taking part then simply click here to find out more about the event this Sunday (or to search for more events) and register free for the event of your choice.

I'll be blogging again this week about the event and a further explanation of this new feature. Is this a feature you'd be interested in reading about on the blog? Does fitness interest you? Are you more interested in the exercise side of things or the eating healthier approach? Let me know what you think and do have a look at the website and let me know if you have any plans to take part!

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