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Friday, 3 August 2012

Personal cards VS Traditional cards - A guest post!

It's actually been so long since I've had a guest post up so I couldn't say no when Lily Fox contacted me about posting her feature. I really love the idea behind this post as I whole heartedly agree with everything she has said - being a crafter myself, one of my favourite things to do is to create handmade and personal cards. I also love seeing people's faces or seeing how touched they are at receiving something so personal and thoughtful.

Here's what Lily has to say about it.

Why a Personalised Card is Better than a Traditional Card

More and more people are sending personalised cards rather than traditional cards. A personalised card can be made in a number of different ways, from being produced by hand, through to being ordered from a specialist card company. Personalised cards can also be designed and sent online. In this way, personalised cards do offer some opportunities for sending a more specific message than traditional cards, and can be more memorable. These kinds of cards also make it easier for children to get involved in designing and personalising cards for parents and friends, and can make for a good family activity. However, traditional cards do have their advantages, most notably in terms of the ease of buying and sending them, as well as the reliability of a tangible, well designed card for a special occasion.

1 - A More Specific Message
Personalised cards are more direct and can allow for a more specialist message. Rather than writing a personalised message within a normal card, a card giver can extend personalisation to the whole card. This might mean adding a person’s name to the front of the card, or adding photographs and references that they will know more intimately than that of a normal card.

2 - Easier Ways to Send and Receive
Personalised cards are often easier to send and receive than traditional cards. E-cards can be designed online and emailed or shared through social networks. In this way, the cost of posting cards is reduced, and the sender can find out when the card has been received through an online delivery receipt.

3 - More Memorable
Personalised Cards are more likely to be memorable if they are tied to a particular event or recent message around a birthday. The card could be made up of recent photographs, or a reference to a holiday or family event that might have taken place in the year since a last birthday. In the same way, a card made online could feature interactive parts such as a video or a slideshow of pictures.

4 - Better Way for Children to Give Cards
The hands on experience of making a personalised card, or the ability to experiment with different templates and styles as part of an online card, does represent an excellent way for children to give out better cards. The creative experience makes them feel more involved in a birthday, and also gives them a chance to produce their own messages, rather than just putting their name onto a generic card.

5 - Strengths of Traditional Cards
On the other hand, traditional cards are still the most basic and easiest solution to picking a high quality design. Senders might not have the time to put the work into a personalised card, and might instead rely on finding a suitable card that can be posted. In the same way, an online card has the problem of not being tangible enough in terms of being something that can be put on display. While e-cards can be printed out, they lack the tangible nature of traditional cards, or ones that have been made by hand.

About the Author
Lily Fox is a greeting card designer for Katie's Cards. She enjoys creative pursuits and building personal relationships. Currently she is involved in a project to launch new Christmas ecards.

Do you agree with the points raised here? What do you prefer to give or receive - personal cards or traditional ones?

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