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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hello August ♥

Is it really August already? I can't believe we're already at what's meant to be one of the hottest months of the year, with next month indicating the start of winter.

 The Book 
Nine months by Paula Bomer is set to be the book on everyone's lips this month - it's dark, it's dangerous and it's shocking. It tells the story of Sonia who discovers she is pregnant for the third time and so leaves her husband, takes her kids and embarks on a journey to 'find herself'. Along the way, she takes part in a number of big no-no's for pregnant women such as casual sex and smoking weed - all in the effort of finding an identity that is her own. This story will leave you unable to put the book down, with each new page becoming more shocking than the last.  // Out on 21st August

 The Film 
She's ginger, she's fiesty and she's the least ladylike character to grace our movie screens since Mulan - yet Brave is set to be one of the must see films this summer. Not only is this excellent animated story suitable for adults, children and families, its also a typical feel good film with a motivational message behind it. Dubbed to be both inspiring and hilarious, the story is about a princess named Merida who decides that she'd rather choose her own future than follow in the footsteps of her traditional Scottish elders. This fantasy come action story is definitely a must see this August, if even just to pay homeage to your childhood love of Disney animation films. // UK Release date 3rd August 

 The Trend 
Stars 'n' Stripes are a massive trend at the moment and you can't go anywhere without seeing someone sporting the look. Most popular are stars 'n' stripes shorts, perfect for a slight rock chick-esque or festival look on a hot summers day. Less is definitely more with this trend so the 'out there' shorts should be paired with a plain white top, plain pumps and minimal jewellery. If the shorts are a bit too much than a few accessories wouldn't go amiss, with a stars 'n' stripes head scarf looking especially popular since Rita Ora stepped out with one recently. // Most websites such as, & Prodigy Red are offering a wide variety of different stars 'n' stripes clothes and accessories.

 The Event 
Despite the American stars 'n' stripes trend being at large at the moment, we're really rooting for Britain in the 2012 Olympics. The Olympics is THE event this month/summer, with not just the actual games going on but so many different supporting events such as Olympic viewing parties, London's Royal Parks hosting music, games and giant TV's broadcasting the games and much more. Even if you've only watched the opening ceremony, the Olympics being held in our home country is pretty much a once in a lifetime thing so this August it's really time to be proud to be British! // The Olympics officially end on 12 August (Am I the only one who is surprised to learn that they are ending so soon? Such a build up for something that's only lasting less than 3 weeks!)

 Anything else? 
Advertising and sponsoring is massive in the blogging world right now with almost every top blog offering month long sidebar advertising for as little as £1. Although I personally won't be offering up any advertising space on Inspire Magazine JUST yet, I can definitely see the benefits in this fab idea and may just get an advert of my own posted up on some of my favourite blogs. If you're serious about blogging than it's definitely a good idea to start thinking about advertising for your own blog this summer, especially as everyone else is doing it. // Some of my favourite blogs such as Futures, Life of a Sweetaholic and Victoria's Vintage are all offering advertising space for very little this month, with the possibility of your blog reaching their large number of readers.

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  1. Thank you for the mention in this post lovely, I am SO behind with catching up on blogs at the moment :)


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