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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Blinkbox Competition - Must see films!

As a massive movie buff myself, I just HAD to enter this competition. Blinkbox are giving away 50 free movie vouchers for the first 50 bloggers who blog about films they are dying to see - so if anyone else is interested - get on it!

There are so many films I'm dying to see at the moment (including old classics that I should have seen growing up but um haven't) but here is my list of some contemporary films that I want to see and think everyone should see.

The Fiver Year Engagement
Me and my sister have been planning to see this for the past three weeks - it's the perfect girly rom-com to see this summer and looks like it's nice and lighthearted. Plus, it stars Jason Segal who is a comedy genius and to be fair I'd go and see this movie for that reason alone...

Seeking a friend for the end of the world
This film just seems quite quirky and different - and romantic in a weird way. And I love me my quirky movies. I'm also curious to see Keira Knightly again, I can't remember the last film she was in!

Magic Mike
Do I really need to explain this one?

The Dark Knight Rises
This is a film that everyone has to see, even if they don't like Batman - it's just one of those must see films. Okay, so I know I've technically already seen it, but given that I fell asleep on my date for a good 45 minutes of the film (it's okay, he didn't mind, I think he thought it was sweet!), I'd like to see it again so I can say I actually know what happened in the movie. But be warned, it is THREE HOURS LONG. Pee beforehand. And stock up on Red Bull.

The Amazing Spider-Man
Another must see, even if you don't like Spider Man. I'm quite curious to see how they've rebooted it yet again and of course I have a massive girl crush on Emma Stone.

What films would you like to see this summer?

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