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Monday, 2 July 2012

Some helpful wisdom for're feeling unmotivated

We all feel quite unmotivated sometimes - whether you're a blogger, a writer, a photographer - anything! Absolutely everyone has those days where they just can't do it, no matter how hard they try. I feel like that right now. I've just tried to type up another helpful wisdom post, but everything I wrote sounded wrong. It either sounded forced or like I was rambling too much. I just couldn't do it, so I decided to leave it for now, and instead concentrate on a different subject - this one!

Sometimes I feel like a bad writer when I feel unmotivated. I feel that, by not being able to write, even though it's primarily my job and my biggest passion in life, I must be being quite unprofessional and that I shouldn't really call myself a writer. But first of all, if you ever feel like that - DON'T! Absolutely everyone feels unmotivated sometimes - especially creative types like us! Everyone has had writers block, so how do you get over it?

I find it helpful to do exactly what I've just done - if it just isn't working, save it, put it aside for now and take a break or work on something else for a bit. Countless times I've left things for a while and with a bit of space I've gathered a bit of perspective and have been able to come back to said things. Granted it's usually at 3am in the middle of the night...but generally, having a break helps, a lot. 

Having a complete break helps too, for example instead of working on something else, just relax for a bit. Read a book, watch a movie or go for a walk - anything that will clear your mind. Soon enough an idea is bound to come to you, or simply by completely emptying your mind, you can find yourself back in the right mind set to write.

Creating a space or atmosphere to write in helps as well. I spend endless hours lying on my bed, reading blogs, watching TV shows etc and often I get inspired to write then. But I simply can't. I feel uncomfortable and by lying on my bed, I'm too relaxed. I usually have to take my laptop into the study or sit at the dining room table. It's amazing, but simply by sitting up straight at a desk or a table it makes such a difference to my mindset and immediately I feel much more determined and hard working. It doesn't always work, but 85% of the time I get more work done than I would have otherwise. Usually it helps to have a cuppa with me too!

Indulge yourself. You know what inspires you - going for a run, reading a particular magazine - so do it! If there's things that specifically inspire you then, well, it's as simple as going and doing it. Chances are afterwards by feeling so inspired you'll be able to use that feeling when writing or otherwise.

Finally, if all else fails, it helps to just get on with it. If you're writing and it sounds bad, restart the paragraph with a different tone. Keep doing this until you finally like what you see. If this still doesn't work, just keep writing, even if you feel like you're rambling or making no sense. Write until you've got all points down and then think about reworking what you've written or turning it into a final draft. The beauty of writing means that the first draft doesn't always have to be the final one, so by just getting on with it you've at least got it done, even if the words you've written won't be used.

What do you do when you're feeling unmotivated? Do you feel unmotivated and uninspired quite often?

Note - I am feeling very unmotivated at the moment, so if this post has rambled on a bit or doesn't seem to make much sense - I apologize - at least I've warned you in advance!


  1. I've felt like this a few times and you're very right. I've read post upon post in the last few months about people having writer's blocks and being unmotivated. Also that people forget it's their blog and don't want to be judged and feel like they have to blog like everyone else does. It's a growing issue and we just have to remember that we all get writing blocks and inspiration and motivation comes in time and it's most of the time just a phase!
    Thanks for sharing , it's nice to know there's lots of us feeling this way and not just one!


    1. Thanks for the comment and for reading the post! I completely agree with what you said, sometimes I do struggle as I feel I have to keep posting content even when I have no inspiration. Sometimes I also wonder if what I post is actually what my readers like to read - just because I enjoy writing about something doesn't mean someone enjoys reading it. But do I stop because my readers come first? Or do I continue, because it's my blog and I enjoy having more of a variety of content? It's a tough argument and like you, I have noticed it's a growing issue! xxx


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