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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Snapshots of how I've spent my week

Monday 23rd July - Sunday 29th July

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1. Nan's Spag Bol! Delicious! I popped down to my Nan's on Monday after a very confusing afternoon (my sister turned up wondering where everyone was, Mum was meant to be home as was I - I was out having one of the best first date's ever ;) - so she rang Mum and told me she could here Mum's phone going off in the house so we thought she was asleep, I got in, rang Mum again and she answered - turns out she was down my Nan's. God knows what my sister heard?) anywho so we all went for a mooch down there to plan our girly weekend away to Bruge at the end of the year and Nan insisted we had some dinner. Then my Dad turned up half hour later, also wondering where everyone was, ha!
2 & 3. My outfit Thursday and Sambuca shots We had a night out Thursday, isn't my outfit cute?! Plus check out the shots photo, I love how Amy is downing hers and I've already had mine and am looking at it in disgust...
4. Janine inspecting Nan's cucumber...No comment
5. Cute outfit
6. Jasper after my ice cream whilst I was sunbathing
7. Shandy, Salt 'n' Vinegar crisps & a few games of pool...Could I have been anymore of a bloke Friday night?!
8. Drunken injuries Trust me, it hurt a lot and the cut is a lot bigger in person!
9. Pretty lake thing 

This week I've been -

Watching...Back to the future & batman
Reading...Warm Bodies
Playing...Zombie Farm 2
Smelling of...Harajuki Lovers Fragrance - Lil' Angel
Perving on...Cameron Leahy
Loving...everything this week!

I literally have not stopped this week - hence all the photos! I had a few more to put in (including a photo of Jasper looking like E.T!) but lining all the photos up has been stressing me out. Anyway this week I've been up to all sorts - on Monday I popped into town to have a few (soft!) drinks, then again on Thursday to go and see the new batman movie. Where I fell asleep. Yes, I know. To be fair I didn't realize the film was going to be three hours long! On top of that I've had extra hours at work this week where I've been opening up the shop and I had an awesome night out on Thursday. It was one of the best nights out I've had in ages (I say that every week, don't I?) but I had lots of laughs, a few too many Sambuca shots and met loads of really lovely people. I didn't get home the next day till at least 1 in  the afternoon, oh dear! Me, Amy and her sister also decided to have a few games of pool on a whim Friday night - I don't think Amy realized how good I'd be ha! We didn't get home till gone 2am so I was exhausted, I've not done much this weekend as I think this week I've had no more than 24 hours sleep altogether! Despite this I did manage a little run yesterday once the weather cooled down a little bit - it's a shame it's gone so bad again today! I can't wait to have a nice hot bath to relax now!

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