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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Snapshots of how I've spent my week

25th June - 1st July


1. Nan's beautiful garden! The weather was gorgeous this week so we popped down my Nan's and helped her with cutting her hedges out the front and that. This is her beautiful back garden, isn't it amazing?! I used to spend many a summer playing in this garden when I was younger, and I especially remembered curling up with a book and the radio on in the little hut thing at the top of her garden. It used to be so relaxing when it rained.
2. Octopus for sale Urgh!
3. Me & Jasper This is me trying to get a photo with Jasper, for some reason he hates having his picture taken..
4. Me & Bex I popped into St Albans to go to a blogging event with Bex this week and it was really nice - I'll do a full post about it once my amazing bracelet that I bought there arrives. Sorry the photo is bad quality, Bex also took a few but this one was from a polaroid photo they took and gave me which I thought was nice!
5. Beautiful sunset I took this on the way home from a jog/walk with Jasper as it's just too pretty. When the weather is like this I just want to be out of the house constantly.
6. Jam for sale! How cute! Jam, books and even lucky stones for sale in the village outside of someone's house. She even had an 'honesty box' where you could leave money for the items when she wasn't there - so sweet!

This week I've been -

Watching...Teen Wolf & Nearly Famous
Reading...Butterfly by Kathryn Harvey
Listening to...The Downtown Fiction (still! Just discovered another EP of theirs!)
Playing Learning...French on my iPhone 4S
Smelling of...Harajuki Lovers Fragrance - Lil' Angel
Perving on...Cameron Leahy, STILL! (This must be the 5th week in the row...) & Aaron Johnson
Loving...the fact that is ready to launch next week if all goes to plan!

I've taken any excuse to get out of the house this week as the weather has been so pretty! Even though that meant doing things like going to help out with gardening at my Nan's..I've had some pretty interesting chats with my Nan this week. First of all, she thinks I'm single and my ex is now with someone else because I never cooked for him LOL. Second of all, she thinks, and I quote, 'she done her back in coz she had a sneezing attack from all that stuff that came over from the Sahara' (which she pronounced Saarah). Just, what?! Lol, my nan is bonkers! Thirdly, this isn't actually bonkers, I think it's quite nice, but both my Mum and my Nan have noticed my Papa Roy sending us a few messages this week :) Ever since my Papa Roy passed away a few years ago, we've constantly noticed my Nan's doorbell going off repeatedly for minutes on end, despite no one being at the door. I know it sounds pretty standard, but this door bell was bought brand new when my Papa Roy was dying, and it always goes of at significant times like when he passed away and whenever my Nan tends to get herself a bit stressed out and worked up. It's hard to explain, but it really does only go off when no one is there and at specific times.  This is our Papa Roy telling her to calm down! 

We actually had loads of other spooky stuff go on but that's another blog post for another time!

Other than taking Jasper out loads this week, I've also just spent the weekend with my sister who has just moved into her new house. It's so gorgeous and feels so homely. To get to it you have to drive down a little court yard thing in this quiet secluded area and it's really, really nice. We also met her new boyfriend this weekend who treated us to a lush lunch! 

I'm so excited to be able to reveal that the London tourist website I've been helping to relaunch should be ready to launch next week, providing if everyone goes to plan! I've already seen the test website and I've got to say it's a little overwhelming to see the words 'Editor's Louise Joy' on the website, as well as my written content! It's definitely a lovely feeling.

I've been totally addicted to the so so corny Teen Wolf & Nearly Famous this week, but to be fair Teen Wolf has a pretty awesome sound track (including music from The Downtown Fiction - I'm an addict, I know...) so can I be blamed?! 

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